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Local 455: UAL/Continental proposal being dissected

DENVER – United Airlines/Continental Airlines MX–The contract negotiating team met in Port Lauderdale for what was promised to be serious contract talks with the company. Good strides were made initially and then slowed to the point where Uniled presented us with a “Close out Proposal.” This is a term new to us and was represented as a Last Best Final […]

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Colorado: ”Local 267 – for the Holiday Season”

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year … to the E-Board. committee members, shop stewards and all our members and retirees of Local 267 – I hope you all have a chance to celebrate this holiday season with family and friends. We often take our shop stewards, E-Board officers and committee members for granted, because it usually “seems” things just […]

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THMA: Lots of holiday activity for THMA

THMA CH 3 just rode in the Veterans Day Parade and supported the Joint Council 3 Truck which was used to present Quilts of Valor to Combat Veterans including retired Local 17 member Rudy Martinez. We rode with Local 455 in the Labor Day Parade at Louisville and made it five years running into FIRST place in motorized. We had […]

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Utah: Great potluck in September

SALT LAKE CITY — On September 9, we had a potluck picnic at the hall. Everyone brought their favorite side dish to add to the hot rolls and dessert furnished by the Retirees Club. On October 14. We had our meeting and luncheon. Which was pulled pork sandwiches. Then we played bingo. Everyone had a wonderful time. New retirees are: […]

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Colorado: Snow is coming; no way to stop it!

DENVER – This article is for the September and October Retirees meetings. Meetings are started with the Pledge of . Allegiance to our flag and a n1on1ent of silence for all of our departed Teamster brothers and sisters and for all U.S. Military personnel, past, present and future. This article covers Teamster brothers and sisters who have passed away in: […]

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