New Mexico

October 2017

Teamster Appreciation Day a big hit

500 members attend

ALBUQUERQUE — Some 500 people were in attendance at Teamster Local 492’s New Mexico Teamsters Appreciation Day on Saturday, September 23.
Members came from a wide variety of crafts and companies, including (in order of highest member turnout) ABF, UPS, Creamland, YRC, film/movies drivers, UPS Freight, Sysco, American Airlines, AmeriPride Linen, Sandia Labs, and TeamOne.

Teamster retirees also attended and had a booth set up dispensing information about their Teamster Retiree Club.

Local 492 Secretary-Treasurer Walter R. Maestas, along with the Teamsters 492 Executive Board and business agents were all in attendance, and members observed some of them busy working to make sure the event ran smooth.

This year’s theme was “We are Teamsters!!!” hanging from the new 492 tents and on the back of the free shirt were logos of the dozens of companies whose workers are represented by Local 492.

Everyone enjoyed the free food featuring Popeye’s Chicken, the free Teamster shirts for members (designed by ABF Brother Albert Lujan), plus face painting and a jumper for the kids. We also gave away a 49-inch flat screen TV, a drone, electric fireplace heater and whole lot more including 20 gift bags full of Teamster books, a Teamster DVD, and also some 492 Teamster swag.
The first bunch of kids who attended received a free Teamster ring disc Frisbee (we ran out). The three most sought after prizes were the TV, won by UPS Brother John Wecrzynek and the two custom made 492 Teamster disk-it’s, won by OMI/CH2m Hill Brother Ricardo Sanchez and UPS Brother Dominic Gutierrez.

The Teamsters Joint Council 3 tractor-trailer truck was there, thanks to Jim Adams, retired Local 455 vice president, who drove it down from Colorado.

This is the fifth year Teamsters Local 492 has hosted an event to celebrate the Teamsters of New Mexico, and the third year we had a committee of volunteer Teamster members plan the event. The Teamsters Local 492 Executive Board, on behalf of all of the members who enjoyed the event, thanks the 492 Volunteer Event Committee for all of its hard work and the countless hours of personal time members donated to this great union over the past months preparing for this day.

In addition to the planning, The committee showed up Thursday and Friday to set-up the inside of the hall and came in at 8 a.m. Saturday morning to prepare the outside. The committee also worked the entire event to insure the members would enjoy themselves.

In alphabetical order, The 2017 Committee was led by Brother Joseph Carrillo (ABF) (event coordination), Lacey Eversole (ABF), who also volunteered at the check-in table, Sister Rori Hall (ABF), who also volunteered at the Teamster store and raffle tickets, Brother Albert Lujan (ABF) who also volunteered with face painting for the kids also designed the beautiful shirt this year, Business Agent Kevin Pohl, Brother Robert Sanders (ABF), and Brother Jesus Vidaca (ABF) (event coordination) and his kids Ashley and Jesus Vidaca Jr.

Other volunteers (in alphabetical order) who came in early on Saturday to help set up the event were Business Agent Melissa Malcom, who also volunteered at the check-in table; Business Agent Tracy McCarty; Trustee Aaron Powell and his family–Becky, Mya and Eli; Brother Kirk Weis (ABF); Recording Secretary Trey White, who also volunteered at the check-in table, and Brother Donald Wood (ABF).

Other volunteers (in alphabetical order) who helped during the event were Darlene Archuleta, office secretary, Teamster store and raffle tickets; Sister Esther Basham (ABF), food table who also supplied the homemade salsa; Sister Silvana Cufré (ABF), face painting, and Tanya Pohl, Teamster store. (If you would like to be on the event committee or volunteer at our next event, contact the local union. A special thanks to the many that stuck around to help clean up. Thank you to all who participated and attended this event, we truly enjoyed seeing all of you and meeting your families and we hope to be able to do this for years to come.

On behalf of the Teamsters Local 492 staff, business agents and executive board, we truly appreciate the members of this local union and everything you do to make this union great, and all the hard working union stewards who do such a great job helping their fellow members, Thank you Teamster brothers and sisters!

Go down memory lane below: (2016) Great Turnout for NM Teamster Appreciation Day (2015) 492 Teamster Day 2015 Turns Out Record Attendees 2014 Membership Appreciation Day (2013) Great time had at the first ever 492 Membership Appreciation Event.

August 2017

Class instructs on operation of film industry equipment

SANTA FE — Teamsters’ Local 492 Film Division held a training class recently at Santa Fe Studios to instruct Teamster drivers on some of the common equipment operated by Teamsters in the NM Film industry. With hands-on training, the 31 participants spent about seven hours learning how to operate honeywagons, water trucks and landalls. (See more pictures at

The film equipment training class was a first of its kind for Local 492, which was put together by our Film Division Business Agent Melissa A. Malcom. We would like to thank her for all the time she spent organizing and putting this class together, creating teaching materials and donating her weekend for the class.

We would also like to thank our fellow 492 Film Division drivers; Kip Wolverton, who taught the water truck class; Harold Martinez who taught the landall class and Josh Hauser who taught the honeywagon class. We could not have done this without these men donating their time, skills and great knowledge of this equipment for this event! Thanks to Business Agent Trey White for coming up to Santa Fe on Saturday to help out.

A special thanks to all the vendors who donated the equipment and studio space for the class: Honeywagon–Mark Russell (Reel Trucks); landall and tractor–Mario Medina (Advantage Paving), water trucks–Elliott Locations and Eric Rivera, and P-Mo–Mike Russell (MBR). Also thank you very much to Octavio Marin of Santa Fe Studios for the space to train on this big equipment. We definitely needed the large area Santa Fe Studios donated for the day.

Thanks to all that participated, it all went off perfectly, other than it was a very hot day, and so we appreciate all of you sticking it out for the entire day!

June 2017

New Mexico Truck Roadeo

Driving championships becoming big event

ALBUQUERQUE — The New Mexico Truck Driving Championships were held this year at the Isleta Resort for the second year. There was a large spectator turnout and the event is looking more like a “state fair/balloon fiesta” type function every year. With ABF, Sysco, UPS Freight, and YRC all having cook outs, it was a great family day for all who attended. See all the photos at

This year, the event had not only trucking companies showcasing their drivers’ talents, but some companies set up booths for people to learn more about their companies. There were also vendors with booths of their own, giving out goodies. They included Mack Truck, Rush Truck Center, Pre-Pass, NM Trucking, NM DOT-ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), Penske, and Legal Shield.

There were also “show trucks” on display, including the Teamster Joint Council 3 truck, (thanks to Teamster retiree Jim Adams for bringing it in from Colorado) the ATA Share-the-Road truck, San Juan Community College truck and the Veterans Day-POW tanker by EMG Ltd.

The Teamster companies were well represented again this year with 35 Teamsters from five companies competing, including ABF, Sysco, TeamOne, UPS Freight and YRC, sending their best of the best. Teamsters Local 492 is proud of these great drivers for competing in the TDC this year. Whether they placed or not, having such a strong Teamster presence of professional drivers at these functions speaks volumes in the trucking industry.

Congratulations to all the competitors and winners for another great Truck Roadeo! A special thanks to Teamsters Robert Aragon, Albert Lujan, Kenton Newbill and Chad Sullins for volunteering to hostle, and to Teamster Roy Lucas and also Ron Cordova, Randy Archer and his wife for setting up all the tents and cooking for everyone again this year, and all of the other unnamed volunteers that helped cook for the members.

Following is a list of the Teamster companies that competed (in alphabetical order). Some of the companies did not respond to our request for information, so we apologize if we missed anyone.

17 drivers participated, 13 placed:
Straight Truck: Don Wood –
2nd Place
3-Axle: Robert Delgado – 2nd Place
4-Axle: Ralph Garcia – 1st Place
4-Axle: Justin Gallant –
2nd Place (rookie)
5-Axle: Joey Padilla –
2nd Place (rookie)
5-Axle: Duane Oldfield – 3rd Place
Flatbed: Michael Contreras – 1st Place
Flatbed: Josh Perez –
2nd Place (rookie)
Sleeper: Joseph Carrillo – 1st Place
Sleeper: Charlie Estrada – 3rd Place
Tanker: Gerald Benavidez – 1st Place
Tanker: Carl Marquez – 2nd Place
Twins: Fernando Gonzalez –
2nd Place (rookie)
Justin Gallant – Rookie of the Year

ABF received the Team of the Year Award for the highest points.

ABF also was awarded the Fleet Safety Awards in the following categories:

100k – 500k Miles Fleet (city operations), and 5 Million Miles-plus (line haul operations).

The following ABF Teamsters also competed: In 3-Axle: Randel Amberman and Kirk Wise. Twins Trailers: Ricky Lucas and Steven Russell.

Sysco: David Logan won 3rd place in Tanker. Sysco had six drivers competing this year: In 3-Axle: Thomas Humphries, Jose Salas and Sean Smartt. In 5-Axle – Aaron Clanan. In Tanker Truck: David Logan and Martin Montez.

TeamOne (UPS truckload) — Won the 500K to 1M Fleet Safety Award and two drivers were competing this year: Brian Thais, 4-Axle (this is his 8th year competing), and Cam Misner, 4-Axle (this is his 4th year competing).

UPS Freight—Six drivers competed this year: In 3-Axle, Steve Lopez, Ginger Victoria McKeegan and Joe Seijas. In 4-Axle, Keith Brewer and Armondo Hernandez. In Flatbed, Wendell Ellis.

YRC—Four drivers competed this year: Stanley Aragon in 4-Axle. In 5-Axle Sleeper, Michael McAfee and Jack Rojas. In 5 Axle, Steven Taylor.

It was another great event put on by the NMTA and it seems to improve and grow larger each year. It was also great to see such a strong Teamster presence again this year and we hope to see you all again next year!

April 2016

Best of luck to our new retirees

By Walter R. Maestas

I would like to wish the following retirees Best of Luck in their future endeavors: Hank Sanchez – ABF; Gene Valdez – ABF; John Doolittle – LANS; Michael Esquibel – YRC; Marie Stevenson – UPS.

Local 492 would like to express our condolences to the families of:
Joe Liles – ABF; Joe Jaime – ABF; Teoflo R. Sanchez – ABF; Ernest Wackerbarth – CFWY; Thomas Murphy – OMI; Eric Montes – UPS; George Montoya – UPS; Christopher Torres – UPS; Richard Caldwell – YRC; Efren Jaramillo – YRC; Mark Martin – YRC; Leroy Tacker – YRC

February 2016

Best of luck to our new retirees

Report from Walter R. Maestas, Secretary-Treasurer

ALBUQUERQUE — I would like to wish the following retirees Best of Luck in their future endeavors.
Warren Neill – RINKER
George Curry – UPS
Steve Chavez – YRC
Robert Whelchel – YRC
Hollis – YRC

Local 492 would like to express our condolences to the families of:
Ernesto Sierra – ABF
Jimmy White – ABF
Aaron Maloney – UPS
Carla Martinez – UPS
Angelo Belotti – YRC
William J. Benson – YRC
Gerald Silva – YRC