New Mexico: Big turnout for appreciation day

Report from Local 492

More than 500 union members from a wide variety of crafts and companies recently enjoyed the 2015 New Mexico Teamsters Appreciated Day in Albuquerque.

Teamster members attending the event
came from a wide variety of crafts and companies, including (in alphabetical order) ABF. AmericanPride Linen, Chiulista, Creamland,
film/movies, Franklins, LANS, NCRTD, OM1, Penske, Sysco, Team One, UPS, UPS Freight and YRC. Teamster retirees also attended, and set up a booth for distribution of information on their Teamster Retiree Club.

Guest speakers included Teamsters Vice President Steve Vairna, U.S. Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grishan, and New Mexico State Senator and majority leader Michael Sanchez. The Local 492 executive board business agents and office staff were on hand and enjoyed meeting and talking to the members in a social atmosphere, which gave the members a chance to have quality time to get to know the members of the executive board and the business agents. Everyone enjoyed the food featuring Popeye’s Chicken, free Teamster shirts for members, face painting and some Teamster swag, as well.

The Teamsters Joint Council tractor-trailer truck was on display at the event. The local union thanks Jim Adams, retired vice president or Colorado Local 455 for driving the truck from Denver to Albuquerque.

The local thanks Brother David Snow. a union steward at Creamland for donating time and jumper for the children to play in. There was also a raffle with many prize winners. The most coveted prizes were the television, which was won by Brother John Petill of UPS and the custom-made 492 Teamster Disk — it was won by Brother Joshua Cordova of ABF.

This is the third year Teamsters Local 492 has hosted an event to celebrate the Teamsters of New Mexico, but this is the first year we have had a committee of Teamster members to plan the event and it definitely showed.

As members may have noticed, the event was very well organized and member attendance more than doubled that of last year.

So thanks to Brother Kevin Pohl and his 492 Event Committee, led by Brother Joseph Carrillo. The event committee put all of it together, got the word out and performed way beyond expectations with a phenomenal job. The attention to detail, the seamless functionality, the amazing appearance, the great prizes, and everything else were all because of the work and vision of the 492 Event Committee.

The Teamster Local 492 executive board, on behalf of all the members who enjoyed the event, thanks the committee for all the hard work and countless hours of personal time they donated to the union over the past three months preparing for this day. Committee members are Sister Esther Basham, who also volunteered at the food table; Brother Joseph Carrillo (event coordination); Sister Silvana Curre, who also volunteered with face painting for the kids; Sister Lacy Eversole. who volunteered at the check-in table; Sister Rori Hall, who also volunteered at check-in; Brother Albert Lujan, who also volunteered for face painting, and Brother Robert Sanders, who volunteered at the DRIVE table.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers who helped set up the event, close down and clean up, and also thanks to the day-of-the-event volunteers who kept the whole thing running smoothly, which included all those above plus Sister Darlene Archuleta, Sister Melinda Delgado, Brother Robert Delgado, Sister Jennie Gutierrez, Sister Lena Hodges, Sister Mary Jeter. Teamsters Local 492 Secretary-Treasurer Walter R. Maestas, Sister Melissa Malcom, Brother Eddie Merida, Brother Josh Perez and Brother Jesus Vidaca.

A special thank you to ABF for lending us their tents and to Line Haul Manager Randy Archer for helping us set them up.

Thank you to all who participated and attended this event. We truly enjoyed seeing all of you and meeting your families. And we hope to be able to do this again next year. On behalf of the Teamsters Local 492 staff, business agents and executive board, we truly appreciate the members of this local union and everything they do to make this union great, and all the hard working union stewards that do such a great job helping their fellow members.

Thank you Teamster brothers and sisters.

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