Montana: Countdown has begun

Local 2
Report from Terry Bartle, business agent

BUTTE – The seasons are upon us. Holidays are nearing at a rapid pace and so are the general and national elections.

The first may be the only welcome season to come. As such, I extend from my family to yours a Very Merry and Happy Holiday wish. To all our brothers and sisters that are on the highways lending to business, a safe one as well.

The second season is most likely one we all have some distaste for – elections. No matter at what level these occur, there are always moments of contempt and disgust.

December 2015
Finding fact in all the fiction that comes at us is more work than should be needed.

But those facts are important. So much rides on how a person perceives his or her vote.
Each and every vote deserves attention and should direct how a person thinks government should answer to them. By not casting votes, many think that they are not part of the problem. On the contrary — they are the problem. By not using the most basic of rights, voting, they allow a minority to direct the process.

The contention is always that money is moving the political process. But apathy, too, is a major factor. Money is just the focus. The tally of most elections show horribly low voter turnout is the one constant. Not every race involves vast wealth.

Being involved is far easier to do than finding dollars to cast upon candidates. As the season progresses, I hope everyone pays attention to their own thoughts and follows that with their vote. If our politicians did not find your vote concerning, they would probably not be so diligently workjng at restricting voter rights. Well, you still have them, so use them. Identify your concerns, find like-minded candidates and cast your ballot. It all seems so simple, but we will have to be abused by the process for another 12 months to come to this end.

Take the time to enjoy your family and friends. Enjoy the season at hand and prolect that family by voting.

Report from Shawn Fontaine, business agent
Negotiations at Republic Services have not gone well. The members have taken a unanimous strike authorizalion vote. Negotiations continued on Nov. 2 and 3. I have been in contact with the Division at the IBT and with Rick Hicks, west region director. They have given us the full support we need.

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