Local 492

April 2018

Best wishes and condolences

ALBUQUERQUE — I would like to wish the following retirees best of luck in their future endeavors:
Roger Hathoot, ABF; Thomas Alderete, SYSCO; David Howard, UPS; Victoria Sue Miera, UPS; Michael Albers, YRC.

Local 492 would like to express our condolences to the families of:Cora Riesenecker, ABF; David Sutton, CREAMLAND; Cassimiro Apodaca, ICX; Gilbert J. Gonzales, ICX; Louis Sandoval, LANS, and Tony Otero, YRC.

December 2017

Best wishes and condolences

ALBUQUERQUE — I would like to wish the following retirees best of luck in their future endeavors:
Tim Bratcher – ABF
Kent Hodges – YRC
David Davies – UPS
Michael Myers – UPS
Local 492 would like to express our condolences to the families of:
Bill Barnard – ABF
Lyndol E. Burks – ABF
Frank Ramirez – ABF
Louis A. Abeyta – TRANSCON
Blanca Garcia – UPS

October 2017

Best wishes, condolences and movie member news

ALBUQUERQUE — Best of luck to these nine retirees in their future endeavors:
James Fernsler – ABF
Clinton Howlett – ABF
Robert Kitchens – ABF
Matthew Garcia – OMI
Joe Pacheco – SYSCO
Mark Chavez – UPS
Michael Chavez – UPS
Gilbert Parra – UPS
Robert Salas – UPS

Local 492 expresses our condolences to the families of:
Timothy Brady – ABF
Will Friedrichs – ABF
Ron Carrillo – CREAMLAND
Elauterio V. Carrasco – YRC

Report from Melissa Malcom:
movie industry
Online dues pay – Teamsters Local 492 is now offering online dues pay. You can visit teamsters492.org and click the Pay Dues Online tab under Member Resources. You do not need a username or password to use this feature. There will be a $3 fee added to your total for using this service.

Dues increase – As of January 1, 2018, movie member dues will be going up to $91 per month. This increase is due to the average wage increase that went into effect August 1, 2017.

Suspension for non-payment – As stated in the letter sent out last November, 2016, and also in November, 2015, along with numerous emails and RMT notifications, the union is no longer sending reminders by mail to self-pay members notifying them when they will be three months in arrears on their union dues/fees.

Pursuant to Article 18 of the Local Union By-Laws and in accordance with the IBT Constitution, union membership is suspended if the union does not receive payment on or before the last day of the third month due. After such suspension, members are subject to a re-initiation fee equal to seven times their dues rate, in addition to any back dues, to return to good standing. To avoid such suspensions, if you are not working/seeking work, members may fill out a “Withdrawal from Membership” form, which is available at the hall or online at teamsters492.org.

It is the member’s responsibility to stay current on their dues. For your convenience, Teamsters Local 492 accepts credit/debit cards over the phone and online for a $3 fee. Members can also set up an ACH payment through their bank to automatically pay their dues each month. (Please contact your bank for more info on ACH payments.) Members need to be current with their dues to be eligible for the Life with Dues benefits that the local pays on their behalf.

Passenger endorsement reminder – Teamsters Local 492 would also like to remind everyone who became a movie member after February 2007 that you must have your passenger endorsement by May, 2019, to remain on the roster. Please contact CNM and Rocky Mountain School of Driving for questions about their programs.

New email or text “one-click” login feature choices – You now have a choice for reminders, text or email. If you have a mobile phone number already entered, the choice is available on your Teamster Profile page under the “Personal Info” tab by logging into your Teamster Profile at local492film.org and simply choose the TEXT or EMAIL button, then click Save. Your change will go into effect at the next 8:30 pm reset. If your text button is not enabled, it is because you do not have a mobile number entered in the “Mobile Phone” box on your Teamster Profile page under the “Personal Info” tab. Once you add a mobile number, remember to hit the save button, log out and then log back in. You should then be able to choose the text option.

The one-click feature from the Email or Text you get every night around 8:30 p.m. only works if you are not sharing an email address and/or phone number with another movie Teamster member. As long as you have cell phone service, you don’t need internet service. From your cell phone, you can simply click the link from the email or text that is sent every night around 8:30 p.m. to the movie members in good standing. The email/text sent from “film dept” mailerl492@notifications.local492film.org will have a link that either says CLICK HERE or CLICK with a link here. Once you click that link, a new page should open in your browser that says “UPDATE AVAILABLE STATUS SUCCESSFUL.”

We have a new server for our courtesy reminders. The old email links will no longer work. Please refresh your spam/junk folder first, wait about 10 seconds, then look in your spam box/folder for a new email from “film dept” mailerl492@notifications.local492film.org. If you find it there, please click “not spam” and move it to your inbox. Also, if you add the “film dept” mailerl492@notifications.local492film.org address to your “contacts,” that may stop it from going to spam in the future. You may have to do this a few times before the emails stop going to spam. These reminders are a courtesy from the union to help you remember to login and for your convenience we also now have another courtesy option for Text instead of Email, see below for more details.

If you cannot find the courtesy reminder email, you should manually log into local492film.org.

I hope this information helps you, feel free to come in anytime between 7:30 am to 3:30 pm and we will assist you in way we can.

Please let us know if you need help logging in.

Freedom to Choose to Pay Taxes in Sandoval County?

NM Commissioners Take on CBAs

October 6, 2017 -By Trey White, Teamsters Local 492 Recording-Secretary

Will you will soon have the right to choose whether to pay your taxes or not? If you are not happy with the government services Sandoval County is providing (or even if you are happy with them), will you no longer have to pay your taxes, and will the County no longer be allowed to write laws or ordnances that force you pay your taxes, even if you live in Sandoval County and reap the benefits of the paved roads, street lights, police and other services that cost the county? According to Sandoval County Commissioner David Heil, that’s the fundamental idea behind a proposal put forth by the Sandoval County Commissioners last night. “If you are happy with their service, why wouldn’t you continue to support them,” said Mr. Heil at the meeting held on October 5, 2017 at the Sandoval County Admin Building. His statement may be morally correct, but most people would definitely stop paying anything they don’t have to pay, regardless of the level of service. This all sounds unbelievable, right? It’s crazy, but instead of taxes, the commissioners were actually talking about contractual service fees being paid to Unions.

There was a Sandoval County Commissioners meeting held last night and unfortunately, 4 of the 5 commissioners publicly expressed their desire to pass a RTW ordinance that will prevent future negotiated contracts between the employer and the employees, from agreeing to have the all employees of that negotiated contract, pay their fair share to negotiate/administer it. This is BIG GOVERNMENT at work again as they plan to pass a law that tells the employer how to run their business and interact with their employees collectively. If the government can tell the employer what they can and cannot negotiate in their contracts with the employee’s, what’s next? In the future, they might try to pass legislation where you can’t pay your workers more than $19 an hour because NM needs to be able to attract businesses to the state. You may scoff, but this is a disturbing trend in America that is only going to get worse if people don’t stand up and say NO!

One of the Sandoval commissioners, James F. Holden-Rhodes, said last night that the Labor Movement might have been needed in the 1930’s and 40’s but eluded that now unions have too much power, and need to be taken down a notch, calling the Teamsters “goombahs” and blamed teachers for “the absolute disaster of our American schools today.” The crowd, which was about 99% working class New Mexicans, voiced their disgust with his insulting personal attacks and obvious blatant pronounced bias. When Commission Chairman Don Chapman threatened to clear the room, about a third left in protest of the Mr. Holden-Rhodes incendiary comments. I was at that meeting and he looked directly at me when he called Teamsters goombahs. I am a proud Teamster and I was very insulted. Melissa Malcom, who is the Movie Productions Agent for Teamsters Local 492 and also an Italian-American was there as well, and took personal offence to the Italian racial slur. I don’t have personal knowledge of what may have happened with the mafia and unions last century, but I can testify that is not this generations Teamsters!

Less than 7% of private sector jobs in America are Union, so why are these commissioners so concerned about such a small minority of workers? Because Unions raise the bar for all workers, including for non-union workers; and big businesses don’t want the bar raised, in fact they want to lower it more. NM already has low wages compared to other states, how low can we go?

Example; if there is a union grocery store paying good wages and benefits, the non-union grocery store down the street must pay comparable wages or they won’t be able to retain their workforce. Employee turnover costs the employer lots of money and headaches. The non-union grocery store must weigh the cost of hiring/retraining new employees verses offering a competitive pay package to retain them.

Big Business groups like “Americans for prosperity” are betting that if they can get rid of the unions, the huge corporations that fund that group will benefit because the bar will be lowered and they will save money. You can’t blame them for wanting to save money, but unfortunately, the way they are going about saving money means the worker is subsidizing the company’s savings. It also means there will be more people that are working full time but will qualify for welfare. That is forcing BIG GOVERNMENT to subsidize the employer’s low wages with welfare payments to the company’s workers. There are plenty of non-union jobs but when someone applies at a Union company, it’s because of the superior wage & benefits. Unions need the service fees to continue to negotiate those superior packages, just like the Sandoval County needs everyone to pay their taxes or they cannot continue to pave the roads and pay for police.

Last night, all 5 Sandoval County commissioners stated the need to do something to bring jobs to the county and 4 of them are willing to lower the wages of workers to get those jobs here. This may or may not be their intention but it will definitely be the end result over time. It is simple market force economics. If people are willing to work for less to get a job, the free market will offer less. If they all stand up collectively, they will push the free market towards paying more.

Sandoval Commissioners also threw out a lot of fuzzy numbers, so I did the same when I was allowed to speak, by bringing up that there are plenty of counties in RTW states that have high unemployment like Yuma AZ at 18.6% which has a population close to Sandoval County. Comparing Sandoval to Phoenix, Houston, or Denver is absurd. The point being that RTW is not the answer to all of the counties problems, if it were, all counties similar in size to Sandoval in RTW states would be thriving. The real issue for companies is how much tax incentives the community is willing to bear and is there a suitable, trained, educated, workforce available to hire. Google the top reasons companies have publicly stated they relocated, they are; better pool of employees, tax breaks/incentives, the current location is declining, lower costs, better quality of life, and the need to upgrade facilities. Companies may privately say they prefer a RTW environment to politicians, but it is rarely the actual main focus.

Does NM want a company that says; ‘we need an environment where we can take advantage of low wages and no demand for a benefit package of any kind’. That is why companies move to Mexico and China. Maybe the government should just mirror all the laws and regulations of China. Maybe pass laws that allow companies to pay workers $2 for a 16 hour work day. I am sure that would bring billions of jobs here. Let’s have a race to the bottom, and see who can get there first!!!!! We can all work 80 hours a week and still qualify for welfare and food stamps, but at least we will all have jobs.

August 2017

New items from Albuquerque

ALBUQUERQUE — We would like to wish the following retirees Best of Luck in their future endeavors: Ronald Burns, Dennis Cooper, Gerald Martinez, ABF; Fred Russo, CFWY; Anthony Archuleta and Steven Collins, Dana Cross, Steven DeLaPena, Steve Jordan, Michael Myers and James Valdez.

UPS Local 492 would like to express our condolences to the families of: Jack Stamps. ABF; Daniel Collins, Creamland; Byron Wilkerson, movies, Eaver Shetter, PIE, and Ralph J. Lucero, PIE/ABF.

As a reminder for all Teamsters who are self-pay with regards to their paying of dues monies, we are no longer accepting cash as payment. This has been in effect for some time now but we have been lenient regarding this issue. Commencing with this mailing of the Rocky Mountain Teamster we will only be accepting checks, money orders, credit cards and in the very near future you will have the ability to make your payments online. Your cooperation concerning this is much appreciated.

YRC has an upcoming change-of-operations that keeps getting pushed back as they attempt to write their Multi-Region Network Enhancement Change of Operations and Utility Employee Change of Operations to meet requirements of the NMFA. Just as recent as July 7, 2017 the local union received a notice from Ernie Soehl, national freight director, that the timetable previously announced may be delayed. As of this time there has been no notification as to Local 492’s involvement one way or the other in this proposed change-of-operations. I will keep you posted as information is received by the local union.

ABF has an upcoming change-of-operations whereas Local 492 is getting their AQE-KGM OTR lane being extended into Needles, CA. This will probably add approximately 62 road miles to that run. This also is happening at a much slower pace than what was originally anticipated. I will keep you up to date as this starts to unfold.

Our annual Membership Appreciation Day is upcoming and we look forward for it to be bigger and better than the 2016 event. Keep an eye out for postings and notifications concerning this upcoming 2017 event!

Teamsters Local Union No. 492 Nomination Meeting and Election Notice

Pursuant to Article 22, Section 4 of the Constitution of the International Union and Article 17 of the Local Union Bylaws, nominations will be held as follows for the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Recording-Secretary, and three (3) Trustees, for the period of January 1, 2018 through and ending December 31, 2020.

The nominations will be held at a special Nomination Meeting to be held on Wednesday, November 1, 2017, commencing at 7:00 p.m. at the Local Union Hall, located at 4269 Balloon Park Road, N.E., Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109.

The International Constitution and Local Union Bylaws provide, in part, that nominations shall be made at the meeting by a member in good standing other than the nominee, by motion, seconded by a member in good standing other than the nominee. Prospective nominees are advised to verify in advance of the nomination meeting, the eligibility of their nominators and seconders.

Candidates must accept nominations at the time made, either in person or, if absent, in writing, and may accept nomination only for one (1) office.
Nominations will be conducted in accordance with the rules set forth in the International Constitution and Local Union Bylaws, which are available by coming into the Local Union and requesting same.

To be eligible to nominate and otherwise participate in the nomination meeting, a member’s dues must be paid up through the month prior to the month in which the nomination meeting is held.

Article II, Section 4 (a) of the International Constitution provides in part that to be eligible for election to any office in a Local Union, a member must be in continuous good standing in the Local Union in which he is a member and in which he is seeking office, for a period of 24 consecutive months prior to the month of nomination for said office, and must be eligible to hold office, if elected.

“Continuous good standing” means compliance with Article X, Section 5 of the International Constitution concerning the payment of dues for a period of 24 consecutive months, together with no interruptions in active membership in the Local Union of which office is sought because of suspensions, expulsions, withdrawals, transfers or failure to pay fines or assessment.


The election shall be conducted by mail referendum ballot, with ballots being mailed to each eligible member at his last known address not later than November 13, 2017.

Only ballots in the post office box at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, December 4, 2017 shall be counted in the election. The ballots shall be counted at the Local Union Hall by MK Election Services, LLC, and the results certified by MK Election Services, LLC, 415 W. 18thSt., Suite 6, Merced, California, 95340.

Any member in good standing, eligible to vote, who has not received a ballot by Monday, November 27, and whose official ballot has been returned to MK Election Services, LLC for an incorrect address may request the issuance of a replacement ballot by calling MK Election Services, LLC, at 209-259-6740.

MK Election Services, LLC, will pick up the ballots at the post office at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, December 4, 2017 and will tabulate them immediately thereafter at the Union Hall. MK Election Services, LLC, will open all envelopes, tabulate the results, and certify to the Union the results of the election.

Teamsters Local # 492 Executive Board

June 2017

Time change for ECB reset

By Walter R. Maestas

ALBUQUERQUE — I would like to wish the following retirees the best of luck in their future endeavors: Ronnie Lopez and James Morgan, ABF; Tony Gonzales, Joe Marez, Luis Mendoza and Dan Sena, SYSCO; Tammy Quinn and Eugene Vigil, UPS.

Local 492 would like to express our condolences to the families of: Joe M. Lewis, Antonio Marquez and Fred Timms, ABF; Timothy Baker, CREAMLAND, Norman Riegel, PIE, and Johnny Adams, SUNDANCE.

Report From Melissa Malcom,
business agent, movie industry

Time change for ECB reset – Effective Sunday May 28, the reset for the Electronic Call Board will change from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. We have received feedback from members stating that the current reset at 5 p.m. is not practical for most and that 8:30 p.m. will work better.

Suspension for non-payment: As stated in the letter sent out last November, 2016, and also in November, 2015, the union is no longer sending reminders by mail to self-pay members notifying them when they will be three months in arrears on their union dues/fees.

Pursuant to Article 18 of the Local Union By-Laws and in accordance with the IBT Constitution, union membership is suspended if the union does not receive paymenton or before the last day of the third month due, if the member is not working.

After such suspension, members are subject to a re-initiation fee equal to seven times their dues rate, in addition to any back dues, to return to good standing. To avoid such suspensions, members may fill out a “Withdrawal from Membership” form, which is available at the hall or online at teamsters492.org.

It is the member’s responsibility to stay current on their dues. For your convenience, Teamsters Local 492 accepts credit/debit cards over the phone for a $3 fee. Members can also set up an ACH payment through their bank to automatically pay their dues each month. (Please contact your bank for more info on ACH payments.)

Members need to be current with their dues to be eligible for the Life with Dues Benefits that the local pays on their behalf.

Movie meetings: The courtesy quarterly craft specific meetings that were started by Moises Ortega will no longer be held for several reasons. Over the years, the attendance has declined and only a handful of people were showing up. The few that attended were bringing up issues that could not be resolved because the productions were over by the time we had a meeting.

Once a production is over, any resolution becomes more difficult. Therefore we want to encourage members to communicate with us when issues are happening, so that we can address them before it is too late. I can be reached by phone at 505-344-1925 ext 14, by email at film@teamsters492.org or you can stop by my office anytime.

It is understood that there was little to no communication in the past. To change that, we are answering/returning phone calls in a timely manner, we are sending out emails, posting updates on teamsters492.org, putting entries in the Rocky Mountain Teamster and good old fashioned letters. However, you must do your part and read all the communications in order to stay informed.

The New Mexico Truck Driving Championships were held at the Isleta Resort for the third year. There were 103 contestants this year, 31 of them were Teamsters from 4 Companies including ABF, TeamOne, UPS Freight, and YRC who sent their best drivers. Teamsters Local 492 would like to thank and congratulate these great Professional Drivers for competing.

Below is a list of the Teamster Companies that competed (in alphabetical order). ABF is the only Company that submitted information, so we apologize if we missed anyone.

ABF had 14 drivers compete, 6 placed:
1st Place Twins – Steven Kelly Russell
2nd Place 4 axle – Joseph Carrillo
2nd Place Sleeper – Ricky Lucas
2nd Place Straight – Kirk Weis
3rd Place Tank – Gerald Benavidez
3rd Place Flatbed – Michael Contreras

Gerald Martinez recently hit 3 million accident free miles and was selected as Diver of the 4th Quarter of 2016 and Driver of the Year. ABF won the Fleet Safety Award for the City Operations in the “100,000 to 500,000 NM miles” category for the 4th year in a row. ABF also won the Fleet Safety Award for the Line Haul Operation in the “Over 5 million NM miles” category for the 6th year in a row. Also competing for ABF; Craig Arellano, Robert Delgado, Fernando Gonzalez, Carl Marquez, Joey Padilla, Chad Sullins, Jesus Vidaca, and Don Wood.

TeamOne (UPS Truckload) won the 500k to 1M Fleet Safety Award again this year and had 2 drivers competing this year; Brian Thais 4-Axle (this is his 9th year competing) & Cam Misner 4-Axle (this is his 5th year competing)

UPS Freight had 5 drivers compete this year:
2nd Place Twins – Keith Brewer
3rd Place 4 Axle – Rick Voeks, who also won Rookie of the Year.
Also competing for UPS Freight; Armondo Hernandez, Joe A Rael, Joe Seijas
YRC had 10 drivers compete this year:
1st Place Sleeper – Michael McAfee
2nd Place 5 Axle – Stanley Aragon II

Wes Johnson was selected as 2016 Driver of the Year and also Competing for YRC was Javier Cruz, Richard Cruz, David Garduño, Martin Griego, Manny Gomez, Samuel Soto, Steven Taylor.

April 2017

Retirees, movies, history theme are April topics

By Walter R. Maestas

ALBUQUERQUE — I would like to wish the following retirees best of luck in their future
endeavors–John Johnson and Robert Velasquez, ABF; Felix Vargas, Ameripride; David Martinez – UPS, and Timothy Hill, YRC.

Report from Trey White,
recording secretary/movie business agent

As most of you know, Brother Moises Ortega retired in September of 2016 and I have been the acting movies business agent since. Sister Melissa Malcom, who was a trustee on the Teamsters Local 492 e-board, started as the business agent for the movies on January 3, 2017, and I have been in the process of training her to take it over from me full time.

The movie industry in 2016 was the busiest it has ever been. We experienced a large increase in projects filmed in New Mexico in 2016 and we started an exhausted list in order to provide enough drivers for the increase in productions and compensate for the volatility of this industry. We had a very slow period from October of 2015 until about March of 2016 when a lot of our movie members were not working. The good news is we are expecting another busy year in 2017 starting in the spring as we have had a lot of productions contact us about wishing to film in New Mexico. We will continue to update the “Current/Upcoming Productions” area of www.teamsters492.org as those productions are confirmed.

Melissa Malcom, Kevin Pohl and I went to Santa Fe a few times in January and February to help lobby for the NM film tax incentive program. It is to be maintained or possibly even be increased based on CPI to keep these high paying jobs here in New Mexico employing NM residents.

This program pumped an estimated $1.5 billion into NM between 2010 and 2014 and created almost 16,000 high paying jobs with benefits. Some 43% of the tax incentives that are paid out, come back directly to the state in tax revenues from these productions. It has been much busier since that study was done, as $400 million of out-of-state money was brought into NM in 2016, so these tax incentives are really paying off for all New Mexicans as they boost the economy and pump much needed out-of-state money into the state. I encourage everyone in New Mexico to support this program to continue the billions that come into this state because of it.

Just a reminder to all movie drivers to submit any updated CDL and/or medical cards to the union so that you can stay active on the Electronic Call Board. You also need to submit a copy of any renewed medical cards to the state of New Mexico within 30 days or your CDL could be made invalid by the state until you do so. Don’t get caught driving with an invalid CDL!

New history theme entryway
Teamsters Local 492 recently updated the union hall entryway and had “Spence da Painter” free-hand a history theme mural on two of the walls with images from the IBT history books. As you can see from the picture, it looks amazing and Spence did a phenomenal job! You can view more pictures and see his process by going to the home page of teamsters429.org.

A special thanks to the handy work of two of the 492 Business Agents, Brother Trey White, Sister Melissa Malcom, and also her husband Brian Chavez for volunteering their weekends to update the entryway by painting, hanging molding, etc. and Retiree Brother Kelvin Holly for getting the floors in the main hall looking great again.

February 2017

Best wishes, condolences

ALBUQUERQUE — I would like to wish the following retirees best of luck in their future endeavors:
Raymond Martinez, LANS; Michael Reut, Sysco, and Michael Lucero, Samuel Saucedo, and Yvonne Espinosa/Andrade, UPS.

Local 492 would like to express our condolences to the families of:
Delmer Coker, ABF, and Randy Montoya, UPS.

December 2016

Another successful Appreciation Day

ALBUQUERQUE — Brothers and Sisters: I would like to thank everyone who participated and attended the 2016 New Mexico Teamster Appreciation Day. This is the fourth year Teamsters Local 492 has hosted an event to celebrate the Teamster members in the state of New Mexico, and the second year we’ve had a committee of volunteer Teamster members planning the event.

A special “Thank You” to Brother Joseph Carrillo (ABF) and his committee of volunteers who gave of their time and made a commitment to put all of this together. They did a phenomenal job on another amazing function! The Joint Council 3 truck– driven by Jim Adams, Local 455 retiree–was in attendance.

We were lucky to have beautiful weather that day along with plenty of shade with all the tents that were used. In conjunction with the amount of tents that were used, a special thank you to ABF for lending us their tents and to Line Haul Manager Randy Archer for helping us set them up. Also Brother Camden White (ABF) was able to obtain the chairs and tables from Netherwood Park Church of Christ for use during the NM Teamster Appreciation Day. This day keeps getting bigger and bigger every year!
Members came from a wide variety of crafts and companies, which included ABF, UPS, YRC, Creamland Dairies, UPS Freight, The film industry, AmeriPride Linen, Sysco, Franklins Earthmoving, Penske, Bimbo, Chenega, Hertz Car Rental, Sandia Labs and TeamOne (in order of highest member turnout). There were Teamster retirees who also attended and ABF retiree, Phil Tuft, had a booth set up for info on their Teamster Retiree Club.

Your Local 492 Executive Board, business agents and office staff were on hand and enjoyed meeting and talking to the members in this social atmosphere. This year’s theme was Teamster History and everyone enjoyed the free food featuring Popeye’s Chicken, the free Teamster shirts for members and face painting for the kids. We also gave away a 40-inch flat screen TV, sound bar, tools, Lobo ice chest, and a whole lot more, including 30 gift bags full of Teamster History books, Teamster History DVD’s, and also some 492 Teamster swag. The three most sought after prizes were the 40″ TV, won by Ameripride driver Anthony Perea, and the two custom made Disc-it’s with their Teamster 492 logos, won by Ameripride driver Alonzo Rivas and ABF retiree Albert Perea.

For those of you who are OTR drivers for YRC Freight, a decision that was rendered by the MOU subcommittee requiring YRC Freight to pay $712,244.11 in damages occurred due to the fact that YRC had exceeded the hard cap of 26% combined rail/road purchased transportation miles for the calendar year 2015 that was in accordance with the 2014 Extension Agreement. This amount shall be divided among all YRC Freight OTR drivers (system wide) who were on the seniority list as of December 31, 2015.
I would also like to congratulate Brother Moises Ortega on his recent retirement and wish him on behalf of the staff at Teamsters Local Union 492 many years of enjoyment and relaxation with his family. Brother Ortega performed many tasks at Local 492 as a business agent, including all of the miscellaneous contract negotiations during his tenure with the local union.

Due to the fact that there is a restriction (three maximum) to the amount of staff eligible to be on the Executive Board, there have been some additions and some subtractions to your Teamsters Local 492 Executive Board. When Brother Warren “Trey” White came on as a Business Agent in June of 2015 (Trey being and remaining the Recording Secretary) prompted the resignation of Brother Ortega from the executive board. This resignation led to the appointment of Brother Mike Butler as the new president, up from the vice president position that he held previously. Brother Kelvin Holly was then moved from a trustee position to vice president until he retired from his place of employment, ABF, effective August 2016. The vacancy for the trustee position that occurred due to the appointment of Brother Holly to vice president was filled by Sister Melissa Malcolm from the movie industry.

Finally the retirement of Brother Holly from ABF triggered his resignation from the executive board due to his not being employed any longer. His resignation led to the appointment of Brother Richard Martinez in September, 2016, to vice president from his former position as trustee. Finally the trustee position that opened up due to Brother Martinez’ appointment, was filled by Brother Joseph Carillo from ABF.

The loss of Brother Holly, due to his retirement as a member of the Teamster Local Union 492 Executive Board will be sorely missed due to his dedication and limitless time spent helping with all kinds of activities on his own dime at the local union. Brother Holly was a perfect example of the right kind of Teamster as exemplified in the statement Brother Mike Butler has hanging from his door in the office which reads as follows;

Which are you?
Some members keep their Union strong,
While others join and just belong.
Some dig right in – some serve with pride,
Some go along just for the ride.
Some volunteer to do their share,
While some lie back and just don’t care.
On meeting day some always show,
While there are those who never go.
Some do their best, some build, some make,
Some never give, but always take.
Some lag behind, some let things go,
Some never help their Union grow.
Some drag, some pull, some don’t, and some do,
Consider – which of these are you?
Muriel Watson

Best wishes, condolences
I would like to wish the following retirees Best of Luck in their future endeavors:
ABF – Larry Cook, Kelvin Holly, Dale Morris, Carroll Weaver, Charles Estrada, Angelo Lucero, Robert Velasquez.
Creamland – Timothy Baker
LANS – Raymond Martinez
Sysco – Henry Saavedra
Penske – Jose Martinez
Teamster Local 492 – Moises Ortega
UPS – Martin Ayala, Dale Houlihan, Kathi McGaw, Frank Hrvatin, Michael Lucero, Dan Smelser

Local 492 would like to express our condolences to the families of:
ABF – Joe Sarmiento, William Yount, Keith Underwood
ANR Garrett – Andy Baca
PIE – George Mansfield
Movie industry – Eugene Swisher
ICX – Howard Nairn
Santa Fe Trails – Kenneth Johnson
Teamster Local 492 – Ralph Chavez
UPS – Tom Arundale, Erick Montes

August 2016

Best wishes, condolences

ALBUQUERQUE — I would like to wish the following retirees best of luck in their future endeavors:
Joseph Coldwell and Stephen Markham, ABF; Vincent Esquibel, James Douthit, Mark Werner, Deborah Younger, UPS; Jackie Jaramillo, Steve Padilla, George Ronquillo, YRC, and Joseph Purcella, Creamland.
Local 492 also expresses condolences to the families of Ralph Chavez, former secretary-treasurer of Local 492; James Crawford of the movie industry, Charles Hendrix, Eddy Jaramillo, CFWY, and Billy Richardson and Al Weddle, YRC.

2016 Member Appreciation Day
Member Appreciation Day has been scheduled for Saturday, September 17, 2016. Please visit our website: teamsters492.org for times and any updates on the event.

June 2016

Best wishes, condolences

ALBUQUERQUE — Best of luck to the following retirees in their future endeavors: Gary Newman, ABF; Charles Thigpen, Chiulista; Paul Montano, Creamland; Gilbert Parra, UPS; Stephen Chrissinger, YRC, and Steve Garcia, YRC.

Local 492 would also like to express condolences to the families of: Max Quintana, ABF; Paul Sanchez, ABF; Joe M. Vigil, YRC, and John Wackerbarth, ABF.

Report from Joseph Carrillo,
ABF line driver

I’m an extra-board road driver with ABF and would like to share with other ABF extra-board road drivers something that I believe would greatly improve your working conditions and help every extra-board driver working under a seniority-based (hog board) dispatching method.

Unknown to most of you, there is a better method of dispatching, which only one terminal in the Western Conference uses. 120-ABQ, our terminal, has employed the excellent Wheel Board Dispatch Method (WBDM), for decades, with great success. It has promoted efficiency and morale by creating an equal playing field among extra-board drivers.

Basically, it ensures that everybody who is available to work goes to work. I was the bottom man for five years and the WBDM made it possible for me to work and make a great living the entire time. I probably would not be working for ABF today if I had been working under a hog board.

Some drivers may say, “If I had to suffer through waiting at home, not knowing when I would go to work, so should everyone else. It’s not fair for the extra-board drivers not to go through what I did!” To me, this is contrary to the spirit of being a Teamster. We should be helping each other up, so the next generation of Teamsters has it better then the last.

So, you’re asking, how does the WBDM work? Here is a simple breakdown:

1. With the WBDM, extra-board drivers are dispatched according to their punch-in time, not their hire date. You will not get bumped out of your work position just because of your hire-date seniority. This means that drivers are dispatched on a first- in/first-out basis: ABQ-120 extra-board drivers, from the senior-most to the bottom man, typically get at least six tours a week, even during the slow times.

2. With the WBDM, Albuquerque extra-board drivers are called in order of their punch-in time and the loads are available according to departure times. If your call time has multiple loads departing at the same time, you may choose from all of the loads for that departure time. Then, the next driver gets to choose from the loads remaining, and so on, until all of the loads are dispatched. This is based on the current work rules that are in place at the ABF (120) Albuquerque, NM Relay.

With the WBDM, when the extra-board driver has low hours at his\her call time, that driver will be skipped to the next call time without losing their position on the board. Meaning, you will continue to be called in order of your punch-in time in the next call time.

The WBDM promotes hiring: every driver who looks at ABF as a future work place will feel comfortable knowing he/she will get enough work to support their family right away, instead of waiting many years to build up seniority.

Implementing the Wheel Board Dispatching Method is not a concept that needs to be invented and tested. ABF has it available for all terminals that want to use it. My terminal has it in place, so can yours. We should always push for the best future for all of our members by taking advantage of every improvement tool available. Your part will be communicating with and convincing your union leaders that it’s in the best interests of ABF Teamster members.

Our Teamster leadership has a sworn responsibility to improve working conditions and act in the sole interest of their members, but they can’t do it without your input. Let’s work with them to bring about this important and beneficial change. Start today by contacting your local leadership and letting them know you want the Wheel Board! It’s ready to go, just go get it!

April 2016

Best of luck to our new retirees

By Walter R. Maestas

I would like to wish the following retirees Best of Luck in their future endeavors: Hank Sanchez – ABF; Gene Valdez – ABF; John Doolittle – LANS; Michael Esquibel – YRC; Marie Stevenson – UPS.

Local 492 would like to express our condolences to the families of:
Joe Liles – ABF; Joe Jaime – ABF; Teoflo R. Sanchez – ABF; Ernest Wackerbarth – CFWY; Thomas Murphy – OMI; Eric Montes – UPS; George Montoya – UPS; Christopher Torres – UPS; Richard Caldwell – YRC; Efren Jaramillo – YRC; Mark Martin – YRC; Leroy Tacker – YRC

February 2016

Best of luck to our new retirees

Report from Walter R. Maestas, Secretary-Treasurer

ALBUQUERQUE — I would like to wish the following retirees Best of Luck in their future endeavors.
Warren Neill – RINKER
George Curry – UPS
Steve Chavez – YRC
Robert Whelchel – YRC
Hollis – YRC

Local 492 would like to express our condolences to the families of:
Ernesto Sierra – ABF
Jimmy White – ABF
Aaron Maloney – UPS
Carla Martinez – UPS
Angelo Belotti – YRC
William J. Benson – YRC
Gerald Silva – YRC

Big night in Santa Fe

We recently had a big night in Santa Fe! Thank you to everyone who came out today and has helped us on the way. It’s really been a team effort. Here is the update:

Right-to-Work — The Senate Public Affairs Committee (SPAC) heard SB 269, The Employee Preference Act (aka right-to-work) on Tuesday night. When the committee chair asked for everyone in the room opposed to the RTW bill to stand, the entire room stood up! It was amazing! Each side had six people speak to the committee about the effects of the bill. The first opposition speaker was Tim Crone from AFT. He delivered to the committee the 4,000-petition signatures we had gathered. The committee voted to table the bill, 5 to 4, essentially killing the bill. The fight isn’t completely over yet, but this was a great night.

Prevailing wage—A bad prevailing wage bill, HB200, passed the House (35-32) mostly along party lines and is headed to the Senate.

Lobby Day—UFCW recently had a lobby day. They also delivered 112 letters from Working America to Senator Barela, who is the newest member of the SPAC. Thank you letters were also delivered to Senator Campos.