Local 455: UAL/Continental proposal being dissected

DENVER – United Airlines/Continental Airlines MX–The contract negotiating team met in Port Lauderdale for what was promised to be serious contract talks with the company. Good strides were made initially and then slowed to the point where Uniled presented us with a “Close out Proposal.” This is a term new to us and was represented as a Last Best Final offer. The contract includes some significant increases but at the expense of language or benefits in other areas.

Locally we are not impressed and are dissecting the proposal to present the good and bad to the membership. At this time we know it will be an electronic vote but have not been notified of the voting dates/time lines.

Frontier mechanics/material specialists – The negotiating team met in Washington. D.C. for a full week of mediated talks at the National Mediation Board headquarters. It was a disappointing week filled with 12 to 18-hour days. At times it seemed we made progress, but ultiinately it was not productive. I believe the mediator was disappointed with the company attitude.

Frontier controllers – Contract talks continue and, although initially reported as productive, have gone backwards, as they adopt unreasonable standards for this profession. We look forward to mediation on this
issue, too.

Frontier aircraft appearance agents – The Frontier theme of not valuing any employees continues in contract talks with this group as well.

American Airlines/USAir – The tentative agreement is out and negotiation team members visited Denver to explain the new contract and answer many questions. My impression from the members is that the contract will pass. Voting instructions were mailed and, at this time, we are awaiting results.

Report from Chuck Haliburton, president
All Meadow Gold Dairies members will have proposal meetings right after the first of the year. Please make every effort to attend the meeting in your area. Watch your bulletin boards for dates of the meetings.

As this issue of the Rocky Mountain Teamster went to press, a contract proposal meeting had been scheduled December 6 for Sinton Dairy members in Colorado Springs. We will report further on this in the next issue.

Report fro1n Bob Adams, business agent
Safeway Distribution Center
– As our members working in the frozen department know, the company has been using nonunion people to do the seasonal selection of some of the product that has historicly been done by our members. The company is maintaining the position that this product is not being shipped to stores serviced by the distribution center, but to locations outside the distribution center’s service area and therefore not our work. This issue has been referred to arbitration.

Western Sugar — The labor agreement with this company expires on May 31, 2016 and our local will be holding contract proposal meetings after the first of the year. Watch your bulletin boards for location dates.

Ryder Truck Rental — After one of our members working for this employer had a near-miss incident with a piece of equipment that was very old and worn out, the company issued him an At Risk Behavior write-up. Given that the company had made the choice to keep this equipn1ent in service and had not had it repaired by a qualified service tech, a grievance has been filed. Our position is the copany must and will uphold their obligation to our members to provide a safe workplace, including all equipment.

As a reminder to all our members, if you have a change of address, please contact our hall as soon as possible to ensure you receive all correspondence from your local.

Report from Matthew Fazakas, 961 contract director, business agent
As previously reported the Teamsters Airline Division filed with the National Mediation Board (NMB) for a ‘proffer’ to seek a release and seek self-determination (right to strike) at the Frontier Airlines maintenance and related classificiations.

The parties met at the NMB offices in Washington, D.C., October 26-30. Very little progress was made as the company still refuses to make a realistic comprehensive proposal. As a result of US Congress threatening to shut down the government, funding for the NMB has not been provided, and meetings are not available in the remainder of 2015.

The parties are scheduled to meet in Denver the week of January 11-15, 2016. The Frontier Airlines material specialist contract is also in NMB mediation with very little progress being made. The union filed with the NMB for mediation with the maintenance controllers, the company hired an outside attorney to negotiate the contract and immediately made a regressive proposal and a proposal to eliminate the right of the unio to file grievances on certain subject.

The Frontier Aircraft Appearance Agent Section 6 negotiations have commenced with meetings and proposals exchanged.

The Denver Post transportation and pressman contracts have both been extended to February 6, 2016.

The Hertz Car-Rental contract negotiations are ongoing with meetings held in Denver for the Local Addendum and in California for the Western Region Master Agreement. The Standard Parking Valet and Lead contracts have been extended thru December, with negotiation sessions scheduled for December 17·18. The Lanier Brugh contract was overwhelmingly ratified, with signed copies being printed for distribution. Joint Council 3 has been directly involved in the organizing of Selland Auto Transport, a 250-member group of drivers and mechanics with negotiations being held in Seattle. WA. on a regular basis October, November and December.

Job openings – YRC, mechanics: AIRSERV. bag runners. Cargill Meat Solutions, Fort Morgan). JBS Lamb, Greeley.

Report front Norberto Ricardo, Adam Morales, and Victor Morales — Fort Morgan

Cargill Meat Solutions – The plant suffered a major operational shutdown as a result of a refrigeration system failure.

There were 34 grievances settled regarding back pay claims and discipline. We are asking again for members to step up and be stewards. If you are interested, please contact your union agents at the plant or the office. Contract negotiations will begin in early 2016 and we are distributing contract proposal forms.

Report from John Hennelly, business agent

I need to remind everyone that you need to be careful when processing “Exceptions.” If you need unifonn parts and or your uniform cleaning allowance checks, please contact your manager on duty.

Denver Post transportation – The contract has been extended through February 6, 2016, with negotiation dates scheduled. Remember, it’s winter and snowing. You need to be careful and carry chains at all times.

Nationwide Parking – The contract
was ratified and will be out for distribution.

AMPCO AMODs РWe have re­obtained access to warming houses and you need to let me know if you are having access problems.

G & K – The union conducted a safely inspection and will be meeting with the stewards and company to review.

Hamilton Tower — I want to remind you about winter weather conditions and to work in a safe manner.

Gate Safe — Happy Holidays and remember to try and attend a Membership meeting the first Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m.
Hertz Car Rental — Contract negotiations are ongoing. Anyone needing cold weather gear needs to request it from their manager.

Hertz Local Edition — The new contract rates and retro pay have been paid.

Denver Waste Materials/Star Industrial Supplies — Regular meetings will be scheduled to review contract.

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