Local 17

April 2018

Local 17 member gets $160,000-plus back pay

DENVER — Teamsters Local 17 President and Business Agent Ed Bagwell represents the workers from the City and County of Denver. One of the many groups that Ed works with is the Denver Sheriff’s Department.

A few years ago, Ed began working with Denver Sheriff Thomas Ford who lost his job in the department. Thomas had to endure a lengthy process that lasted more than two years. Brother Ford realized the strength of Local 17 when he was reinstated to his job recently.

Thomas never gave up and the final results proved he made the right choice when he decided to join Teamsters Local 17.

“We focused on our brother in his fight to get back to work, ” said Bagwell. With the help of Teamsters Local 17 and attorney Sean Olson, Thomas recovered $160,420.99 in back pay!

The campaign to become the collective bargaining agent for the Denver Sheriff’s Department started March 1, 2018. Please contact Ed Bagwell at Teamsters local 17 303-433-6496 ex 16 to sign up and become a member or go to our web site atwww.teamsterslocal17.org and join online.

We would like to acknowledge some of our recent retirees in Local 17. They are UPS drivers Laura Angel (34 years) and Van Rubick (37 years), both drivers from the UPS center in Colorado Springs, and Eddie Horn and Russell Smith from YRC Freight.

February 2018


DENVER – There will be a vote on proposed amendments to the Local 17 Bylaws at the general membership meeting on April 8, 2018 at 10 a.m. at the Local 17 Union Hall.

Ron Hackett, stellar Teamster retires

DENVER — We congratulate Ron Hackett as a new retiree. Ron joined Teamsters Local 2004 as an electrician for the City and County of Denver. Ron is also a retired Denver Police Officer. His first position was steward, then an assistant business agent and organizer for Local 2004, representing the City and County of Denver employees. When Local 2004 merged with Local 17, Ron became the chief steward for the public service workers.

Ron was also a member of the CSA Rules Committee, an organizer for the Teamsters Law Enforcement League, and was active in Local 2004 organizing and also for Local 17.

Ron retires as a member of the Teamsters Local 17 Executive Board, a steward and respected member. He will be greatly missed.

Over the course of the past year, we have been seeing an increase in the amount of members attending the general membership meetings. At our most recent meeting, the entire lobby was packed with members taking an interest in their local.

December 2017

Big organizing victory at DMV

DENVER — Question. How do you recover $40,000 in back pay? Answer: A good steward, and Teamster members willing to stand up to management.

The Denver Department of Motor Vehicles has been underpaying the employees for more than two years.

The employees were fed up and management was not doing anything about it. When this issue occurred, Local 17 did not have one member in DMV. Finally, a brave young man named Ryan Parker stepped up and became a Teamster member.

Not only did Ryan become a member, he became a steward with no members and problems that needed attention. Even though the problems did not personally affect Ryan, he jumped on board with Business Agent Ed Bagwell to tackle the wage issues. DMV employees began to join and in a few short weeks, over 25% of the employees became Teamsters.

A lot of the success in gaining new membership was the Open House every Tuesday held at Local 17. Between the hours of 4 and 8 p.m. members and non-members would come in and ask questions about joining the local or would have questions about representation issues.

Once management learned of the employees joining the Teamsters, negotiations were moving forward to settle the pay issues. In January of 2018, we will start up the open house again and ask all Denver City employees to come down to the hall and join Teamsters Local 17.

Teamsters Local 17 would like to thank UPS Freight Steward Neil Coyle and UPS Freight Driver Rick Delgado for their hard work and culinary skills at the pancake and sausage breakfast. Rick had a special ingredient to make the pancakes fluffier; soda water.

Everyone was well fed and took their 15 minute break after breakfast, before getting back to work. Thanks to the company for providing the cookware and their support for this event.
We would like to honor some recent retirees at Local 17:

YRC Freight (Denver) – Michael Kadunc, Martin May

ABF (Denver) – Tim Cockrell, Mike Slovek, Russell Holstein

UPS – Charles Curtis (Loveland), Ben Horton, steward – (Evanston, WY), Cory Kerns (Loveland), Daniel Martinez (Casper, WY), Jeff Mrozinsky (Cody, WY), Therse Nutaut (Loveland), Ron Ortiz (Pueblo), Randy Petzold (Colorado Springs), Teresa Sambrano (Casper, WY), Donna Skaj (Casper, WY), Roy Venegas (Colorado Springs), Keith Whistler (Loveland), Victor White (Pueblo).

All of us at Local 17 were shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden passing of George Armstrong. George had been an active driver at Yellow/YRC Freight for many years and he will be greatly missed. Our deepest condolences are with the Armstrong family during this most difficult time.

We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday. Don’t forget that if you are laid off for a month, you should contact Local 17 to take a withdrawal card. Call 303-433-6496 Ext. 15.

August 2017

July, August busy for Local 17

DENVER — July and August will prove to be busy months at Local 17. The IBT has asked that we begin holding contract proposal meetings for our members at UPS and UPS Freight.

The jurisdiction of Teamsters Local 17 covers both Colorado and Wyoming. That equates to 202,000 square miles. This will prove to be a big task but we are confident that we will get it done in time.

UPS employees should keep checking their union bulletin board for notices about upcoming proposal meetings and check with your shop steward.

Vice President/Business Agent Ed Bagwell is holding informational meetings for the Denver City workers who wish to join or assist others in joining our local. These meetings are being held on every Tuesday from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Local 17. (Excluding holidays and vacations) For more information, please call Ed Bagwell at (303) 433-6496 Ext. 16.

Just prior to this column being published, our local conducted our first golf tournament that benefited our retirees. It was scheduled to be played at the Broadlands Golf Course at 4380 W. 144th Avenue in Broomfield on Sunday, July 30th. It is our hope that you participated and had a great time.

With the low unemployment rate in Colorado, we continue to see companies struggling to find available and qualified workers to fill positions. This shortage has had an impact on our existing members with additional work being placed on them.

During the summer months, children are out of school and often don’t watch for cars and trucks. Let us all be careful in residential neighborhoods as we make deliveries with our vehicles.

As a reminder, if you have any type of leave from your job, please contact Local 17 to take a withdrawal card.

June 2017

Local 17 files charges

DENVER — Late last year Teamsters Local 17 began an organizing campaign at Republic Services after several of their drivers approached us and asked for help. Our goal was to organize this unit of 180 drivers and mechanics and to provide a strong contract, better wages and a pension for these men.

As this campaign wore on, Republic Services began to use unfair labor practices that warranted NLRB charges from Local 17. Although we did not win the election, Republic was found guilty of several NLRB violations. Nonetheless, Local 17 honored our commitment to vote the workers and to give them a voice in their future. We may pursue another election attempt in the future.

During the second week of May, several of our officers, agents and members attended the 2017 Unity Conference in Las Vegas. On Monday, May 9, 2017, the new general executive board of the IBT was sworn in before a large crowd.

Our agents, officers, stewards and members attended the craft meetings that covered issues like public service, freight, the movie industry and UPS. Many thanks to Paul Ashley, Chris Franklin, Jerry Moreno, Phil Helman and Joe Toomey for attending these meetings along with all of our officers and staff.

Local 17 is sponsoring our annual golf tournament and this year we are supporting our retirees. Our event is scheduled for Sunday, July 30, 2017, at the Broadlands Golf Course in Broomfield. The course is located at 4380 W. 144th Avenue. The registration begins at 7 a.m. with a shotgun start at 8 a.m.

You can visit www.teamsterslocal17.org for a sign up form and sponsorship information or you can use the one printed in this paper and mail it back to us. 100% of our sponsor money raised will benefit the retiree association.

February 2017

Acme warehouse pact ratified

DENVER — We are happy to report that the ratification vote for Acme warehouse was an overwhelming success. Our members now have a four-year contract in place that provides increases in wages and pension and protects our health care insurance.

We would like to recognize two of our stewards: Jon Monear is from Casper, Wyoming. Jon has been a member and steward for 20 years. He is pictured here with Secretary-Treasurer Duane Grove who honored him for all that he has done for Local 17. Not only has he represented his members as a steward but he has also assisted in organizing new members in a right-to-work state. He has done a great job and although we will be sad to see him go, we wish him nothing but the best in his retirement.

Another one of our stewards is also retiring. Rob Petrie from the Denver Sheriff’s Department is calling it a career. Rob has been an officer in Local 17 and has served as sergeant-at-arms for Teamsters Local 17 for several years. He has been an engaged and supportive steward. Rob’s career spanned over 20 years as a Denver sheriff. Congratulations to both stewards and future retirees!

Local 17 has filed the petition for an election to represent the workers at Republic Services. Our hope is that the workers will soon support this election and vote YES. If you happen to come across some of these drivers while out on the street, let them know that you support their wish to become Teamsters.

Do not forget that if you are laid off or taking any sort of leave, that you should take a withdrawal card. You can call our office at 303-433-6496 to start the process if you need.

School is back in session and with the cold weather upon us, it becomes more important than ever to drive carefully. We believe that our Teamster drivers are the best in the business. Please continue to be the safe, professional and patient members that make us proud while you are out and about this winter.

December 2016

Members ratify two contracts

By Duane Grove

DENVER — Local 17 has been busy with contract negotiations the past few months. We are happy to report that we reached tentative agreements with two of our employers. Meadow Gold Dairy (Cheyenne) and ACME Warehouse.

The Meadow Gold contract will run for three years and includes healthy increases in both wages and pension contributions. The ratification vote on the Meadow Gold contract took place on Sunday, November 6 and was passed unanimously.

The ACME ratification vote passed on Sunday, November 20, 2016. The new agreement covers four years and includes increases in wages and pension.

Teamsters Local 17 is currently involved in an organizing campaign at Republic Services. The campaign is still in the early stages but we have determined that there is enough interest with this group in becoming Teamsters to make this effort worthwhile.

We hope all of our members voted in both the IBT elections and the general elections. With the political season coming to a close, we want to remind all of our members that it becomes more important now than ever to stay engaged. As the landscape changes, we will be called upon now more than ever before to defend and protect our rights under organized labor.

Do not forget that if you are laid off or taking any sort of leave, that you should take a withdrawal card. You can call our office at 303-433-6496 to start the process if you need.

Christmas will soon be here. The officers, agents and staff of Teamsters Local 17 want to wish wonderful holidays to you and your family.

August 2016

An incredible milestone!

DENVER — It’s not a common occurrence to see someone with such dedication and longevity. On Sunday, June 12 at our general membership meeting, we had an incredible milestone obtained by our very own Jerry Loose.

Jerry is the president of the Retiree’s Association and has been active not only with the retirees, but he also attends our membership meetings on a regular basis. Secretary-Treasurer Duane Grove and Rick Wanzo are shown here with Jerry, presenting him with his 60 year pin. Jerry first joined in 1956. He is a proud Teamster and we are honored to see him at every meeting.

We recently attended the 29th International Convention in Las Vegas.

Local 17 has hired Gary Cook to work as a business agent. Gary will be working with Chris Rodriguez and representing our Colorado UPS members. Welcome aboard!

As a reminder, don’t forget to take a withdrawal card if you will be leaving your job for an extended period of time.

April 2016

Convention delegates selected

By Ed Bagwell
Vice President

Congratulations to the delegates going to the 2016 IBT Convention! We will be sending three delegates and three alternates. Secretary-Treasurer Duane Grove, President Chris Rodriguez and Vice President Ed Bagwell will be the delegates. Recording Secretary Gary Cook, Trustee John Vancil and Trustee Dick Kent will be attending as alternate delegates.

We would like to thank Brother Michael Simeone for his 42 years as a Teamster. He has been a trusted warrior leading the charge to protect all members in this great union. Brother Simeone is one of the few retired officials who still get phone calls from his former staff seeking advice and counsel. No one can say Brother Simeone ever backed down from a good fight representing members and facing down his adversaries, He always put the members first, and it is the members he served.

We are now accepting applications for membership at Denver Water. At the time this column was written, we have signed up 55 new members and are working to get union dues deduction through payroll. We would like to thank Steward Ron Hackett (DIA) and Steward Paul Ashley (YRC) for their assistance in the Denver Water organizing campaign. Teamster’s Local 17 is also working to add new members in the Boulder Sheriff Department. DIA management is trying to figure out how to give an employee a good rating and put the same person on a pip. This is just one of the reasons city employees need a union contract.