Idaho: The busy season is here

Local 983
POCATELLO – Winter is on its way to Southeastern Idaho but we were sure spoiled with the beautiful fall weather we’ve had. We all know the roads can be unsafe in the winter so please be careful out there.

We are hard at work in the middle of several negotiations, including all three Basic American Foods plants and Meadow Gold Dairies. The contracts have been opened for both Lamb Weston and Degerstrom Ventures. Please Watch the bulletin board for upcoming proposal meetings. We will do our best to make your contracts even stronger.

The Cheyenne Crossing Project in Pocatello is winding down. WW Clyde put several Teamsters to work over the summer and it will be a nice, convenient change for Pocatello citizens. Construction work is winding down for the winter months, but hopefully next year will be just as busy, if not busier.

As always, we encourage everybody to sign up non-members. If every member just signed up one person, we would be that much stronger at the negotiating table. Anyone can sign up a new member and once their initiation is paid, you will receive $25! Contact us if you need blank sign-up forms.

There will be a Stewards Training Class March 19, 2016, so please keep your calendar open. Shawn will be conducting the class and we are looking forward to his return.

Congratulations to the most recent retirees: Art Wert, Douglas York and Ernestina Olivas of Basic American Foods, Delbert Reeder of Lamb Weston, Marvin Hopkins of Meadow Gold Dairies. Doug Muir of Eastern Idaho Metal Trades and David Larson of UPS. Thank you for your many years of service and best wishes in your retirement. If you are starting to think about retiring, please call our office to schedule an appointnent with our WCOT pension representative. They can answer any questions and help you fill out your application.

Please remember to contact us for any address changes. Also, if you are going lo be off work for a month or more due to illness, leave of absence, layoff, etc. please contact us regarding being placed on withdrawal until you return to work. As a dues-paying union member, the local provides you a $4,000 Life with Dues benefit. Please make sure your beneficiary infomation is up to date by contacting us.
We hope to see you at our upcoming general membership meetings: December 3 and January 7. They all begin at 7 p.m. at the local union hall. You can also find us on Facebook to stay up to date!
Thank You for your support.

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