Hoffa: Workers need to take control of their future

Working Americans are facing many challenges on the job front. While unemployment is low, so is pay. Corporations may be pulling in massive profits, but it’s all going to the top, with those who are making these businesses succeed getting little in return.

The future is likely to offer more of the same. Increasingly, companies will be looking to automation to maximize their bottom lines. Many workers who have given years of their lives toiling for their employers will be rewarded for their hard work with a pink slip.

The struggle is real, and it isn’t just those being hit the hardest who realize it. The global elite hobnobbing in Davos, Switzerland earlier this year even recognize the challenges facing the economy if nothing changes.

So how do we change this? Increased unionization! The latest numbers released in January by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the number of workers belonging to a union grew by 262,000 last year to 14.8 million overall in 2017.

The BLS reports that union members had a median weekly income of $1,041, compared to nonunion workers, who on average earned $829 a week. That’s a difference of more the $11,000 a year!

It’s time for hardworking Americans to take control of their own destiny and join with their co-workers to gain power in the workplace. That’s what a union can do!

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