April 2018

Volunteers needed for survival

DENVER — It’s simple.

The continuous operation of the Colorado Teamsters Retirees Association depends on the organization’s ability to provide volunteers to serve as executive board officers. We can’t continue much longer without a full board of seven members.

We now have four, but of the three vacancies, two are vitally important – president and secretary-treasurer. Without them we cannot function.

Surely, there must be someone out there who will volunteer to save this association, which has done so much for our retired members over the past several decades.

Let us know. Our survival depends on you.

The following deaths have been reported recently: Robert Maritt, Frontier; Stev Kapsoff, Pansim Corp.; Elof Forsberg, Safeway; Ivan Brethauer, Safeway, and Roy Childs, ABF.

Meetings are held the third Friday of every month except for June, July and August, when they are suspended. Coffee and doughnuts at 1 p.m., meeting and drawings at 1:30. Meetings are held at the UFCW Local 7 Building at 7760 W. 38th Avenue, Wheatridge.

February 2018

Busy fall, winter for retirees

DENVER — This article is for our November and December membership meetings. Acting President Larry Monson opened the November meeting and former Vice President Les Pettera volunteered to fill in for Larry, who was absent with excuse, for the December meeting.

Both meetings were begun with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and a moment of silence for all of our departed Teamster brothers and sisters and for all U.S. military personnel, past and present. There were 53 members and six board members present at the November meeting and 56 members and five board members present at the December meeting.

The following Teamster member deaths had been reported for the meetings: (Note those that are members of our retiree association are designated TRA.)

September – Stella Urdiales, spouse of Manuel.

October – David Valencia; Francis Huggans (TRA), King Soopers (Local 537); George Browne and Paul Dycus (TRA), Golden Cream (Local 219)

November – Jack Woods, YRC; James Strecker, Meadow Gold (Local 537); Harold Traver; Robert Olsen; Robert Schmitt, Hyman Trucking (Local 17); Bertha Tokle (TRA), spouse of Harry (Local 435); Gregory Weber (TRA), CF (Local 307); Gary Korb, ABF (Local 17); Donald Grave, NW (Local 17); George Armstrong, NW, YRC, (Local 17), and Loreane Studer (TRA), spouse of Carl F., who worked at Sysco (Local 435).

December – Millar Lockwood, PIE (Local17); Ted Mascarenas, ABF (Local 17); Albert Spain, CF, (Local 17); Ray Hildebrant, Safeway (Local 455); John Comienello, United Airlines (Local 961); Milton Dreith (TRA), IML (Local 961); James Forbes, and Alice O’Block (TRA), widow of Robert (Local 219).

January – Bonnie Adkins (TRA), widow of Darrell who worked at IML (Local 17) and Frank Gutierrez (TRA), Western Merchants (Local 435), and death dates unknown for William Thompson, Acme (Local 17) and Andrew Sims, Acme (Local17).

November meeting: Our special guest was Michelle Stoll, Medicare specialist from Kaiser. There were four new members: Odie and Angela Martin, Local 17 member retired from Acme; and Brenda and Hilton Jones, Local 17 member retired from the City and County of Denver, Department of Human Services. The membership welcomed their membership with applause.

Les Pettera read a letter from Gary Cook, Local 17 business agent, inviting all retired Local 17 members to attend the local’s membership meetings held the first Sunday of every month at Local 17. Gary encouraged all our members to help at Local 17’s current organizing campaign at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

There was a question from the floor about the postponed membership luncheons. There have been much input on venues such as Golden Corral, Cinzetti’s and C.B. Potts from the membership, which are appreciated.

December Meeting: There were three guests introduced to the membership, Tony Licata, our representative from Kaiser Permanente; Jill Inman from Robert F. May Co., administrator of our Kaiser Plan, and Gary Cook, Local 17 business agent.

Tony Licata spoke on new developments at Kaiser, which include the new digital call center, which can be accessed at and you can register for your account and log-on to check test results, medications, etc. Tony brought handy rubber jar openers to be given out to the members and answered questions from the floor.

Gary Cook addressed the members about upcoming UPS negotiations and he urged everyone to contact their senators and representatives about the Pension Rehabilitation Act of 2017 that will be heard in Congress in the 2018 session. He will be bringing more information to hand out to the members.

Questions were brought up about not receiving the Rocky Mountain Teamster any longer. Retired Teamster members can call the local union they retired from and request to be put back on the list to receive the paper.

Drawings were held at both meetings for doughnuts and ten $25 checks. Drawings were also held for three ABF hats and a $25 gift card to Subway. As has been done in the past at our December meetings executive board member Jack and Patsy Monson donated a huge stuffed bear to be given away in the drawing. Thanks go to Jack and Patsy Monson, Dick Brummond and Gary Cook for donating items. Butch Salter volunteered to help pass out drawing tickets.

Again, thanks go out to the Monsons for providing the coffee for each meeting and to all other volunteers that make our meetings successful outings for Teamster Retirees. Tell your retired union member friends about our group – we accept retirees from all unions and they are eligible to join our excellent Kaiser Health Plan. for information on the plan call Robert F. May Co. at 303-629-0931.
We wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

December 2017

Meeting details for October

DENVER — This article is for our October membership meeting. Acting President Larry Monson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and a moment of silence for all of our departed Teamster brothers and sisters and for all U.S. Military personnel, past and present.

The following member deaths had been reported for the meeting: Joseph Pobar, ANR Freight (Local 17); George Baber, Jr., YRC (Local 17); Bennie Valdez, NW (Local 17); Raymond Martin, Safeway (Local 537), and Steve Larghe, Graves and NW (Local 17).

Roll call of officers showed Ed Stratman, recording secretary and Jim Adams, vice president, absent.

Jill Inman volunteered to read the minutes of the last meeting and record the minutes for this meeting in Ed’s absence. New members, Ernest and Jody Garcia were welcomed. Ernest retired from YRC with Local 17.

Acting President Monson announced that Michael Simeone has resigned as president of the Teamster Retiree Association for personal reasons and the he (Larry) has volunteered to sit in as acting president until the position can be filled. Fred Paswaters, Local 17 retiree, was appointed to fulfill the unexpired term of trustee, which was vacated by Larry Monson.

The current officers are Jim Adams, vice president; Ed Stratman, recording secretary; Carole Salter, secretary-treasurer, Bernard Cooley, Jack Monson and Fred Paswaters, trustees. Currently there is a board opening for president, and the membership was encouraged to volunteer for the board.

The executive board is exploring new venues for the membership luncheons and it has been decided to delay having another luncheon until after the first of the year.

Guests were Jill Inman of the Robert F. May Company; Tony Licata, Chris Stevens and Michelle Stoll of Kaiser, and Gary Cook, business agent for Local 17. Tony introduced his assistant Chris Stevens and Michelle Stoll who is the new medicare specialist for Kaiser and invited any questions from the floor.
Gary Cook spoke to the membership of current happenings in Local 17 and extended an invitation to any retired Local 17 members to attend their monthly membership meetings.

There were 68 members and five board members in attendance.

Fred Paswaters and volunteer Mike Polachek helped pass out tickets for the drawing. Three boxes of doughnuts and 10 $25 checks were given out.

Jack and Patsy Monson provided the coffee and doughnuts for the pre-meeting socializing of the members. Everyone seems to enjoy this time. Thanks go out to Jack and Patsy for faithfully doing this work before each meeting and cleaning up afterwards. Also, thanks go out to all of the volunteers for their help. We are reminded of all the help we receive from Local17 and the use of the meeting hall from UFCW Local 7. We are truly grateful for all of their support.

This will be the last article before the end of the year so the executive board of the Teamsters retirees wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our Colorado snows will be coming soon, so as past President Jerry Loose used to admonish us – be careful out there!

October 2017

Teamster’s son awarded new IBT scholarship

Eric Ramsey, son of Don and Julie Ramsey of Brighton, has been awarded one of the first training and vocational program scholarships ever offered by the IBT.

The program became part of the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund in 2016, and is open to high achieving students who plan to seek vocational and trade careers.

Eric was graduated from high school with scholastic honors, including four years on the honor roll. He was active in many extracurricular activities, including football and wrestling.
Outside of school, he worked as a volunteer fireman for the Hudson, Colorado, Fire Department, which may have spurred his interest in his intended school, the Red Rocks Community College Fire Academy.

Eric has also served as a volunteer at the Platte Valley Medical Center, United Airlines Starlight Foundation and Adams District 27j. His father is a member of Local 455.

August 2017

4th Christmas Party coming up

DENVER — As you know fall is in the air and, after the poker Run and bike and car show, our summer and fall activities, we are preparing for our Fourth Annual Christmas Party to be held at Local 455 on December 9 from noon to 3 p.m. In final preparation we have a dinner night scheduled for October 14 at 6 p.m. at Local 455 there will be games for the kids and as usual the “Dessert Dash.” Tables bid on a prepared dessert and the winner of the bid gets the choice first of the desserts and only 20 seconds to pick the dessert.

In the last year we have helped children, the Shrine Hospital, numerous members in the Joint Council area and Veterans. We participated in the Veterans Day and Labor Day Parades in Denver with “BIG” the JC 3 truck. We also hauled food to veterans in need with the Soldier’s Angels group, participated in The Christmas Children’s Hospital Toy Run. This year’s national charity is “V13ION, which brings suicide awareness to veterans and bikers. You can find out more about us at

Meetings suspended for summer

DENVER — This article is for our May and September membership meetings. Vice President Les Pettera opened the May meeting and Vice President Jim Adams opened the September meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and a moment of silence for all of our departed Teamster brothers and sisters and for all U.S. Military personnel, past and present.

The following deaths had been reported for the meetings. (Note those that are members of our Association are designated TRA.)

April – Dean Johnson, Denver Post (Local 961); Alfred Duran, Rio Grande and Roadway (Local 17); Charles Daily, NW; Thomas Mee (TRA), Meadow Gold (Local 537), and Ray Williams.

May – Harvey Yoder, Wonder Bread (Local 219); Larry Lembke, NW (Local 17); Robert Mercer, Safeway (Local 455); Shirley Rountree, (TRA),widow of Leland, Time DC (Local 17), and Apollonia Rotello, (TRA) widow of Joseph (Local 435).

July – Millard Lockwood, PIE; Loretta Stone (TRA), widow of Walter (Local 435) and Joe Gallegos, Briggs/PIE (Local 17).

August – Zane Snow (TRA) (Local 537); Elmer Dreiling (TRA), Salt Creek Local (Local 17); Brad Herrmann, Bimbo Bakery (Local 537 ) and Alrene Norfleet, spouse of Norman. Dates unknown for the following deaths – Bob Berry, Safeway Steward (Local 455); Lawrence Basnett, Time DC (Local 17); Charles Stone, Rio Grande (Local 17); Arthur Harnagil, ABF Cheyenne (Local 17); Mike Chavez, Salt Creek (Local 17); Marvin Porter, CF (Local17); Harry Riddle, (Local 17); Harold Bryant, Yellow (Local17) and Dale Lange, Yellow/Rio Grande (Local 17).

In May there were 66 members present. And all officers were present at the September meeting with 69 members present and one new member – Alan Estep of ABF, Local 17.

May meeting – Guests were Jill Inman of the Robert F. May Co. and Tony Licata of Kaiser. Tony spoke about Kaiser procedures concerning claim conversions and refund checks. Responding to a question from the audience concerning delays in getting timely appointments with Kaiser, Tony discussed a number of causal factors, including an existing shortage of trained medical specialists that can be hired with proper vetting. Having 85,000 new ACA patients last year and uncertainty about the new Trump healthcare plan have left Kaiser short of help. Also Colorado’s exploding population has raised the possibility of thousands of new patients.

Vice President Les Pettera tendered his resignation from the executive board of the Retirees Association. effective June 1, 2017. Former board members Jerry Loose, president, and Sharon White, recording secretary, were present at this meeting and all three were recognized for their years of service to the Retirees.

Jill Inman and Fred Paswaters helped pass out tickets for the drawing. Four boxes of doughnuts and ten $25 checks were given out.

September meeting – The guests in September were Jill Inman, Gary Cook, business agent for Local 17, and Dick Kent of Local 17. Gary addressed the membership with a report on Local 17 organizing and on the recent Local 17 golf tournament. He presented a check to the association in the amount of $2,600, which were proceeds from the tournament. TRA President Mike Simeone expressed the association’s gratitude to Secretary-Treasurer Duane Grove and the local’s executive board for the gift. Thanks were also given to Local 17 for all their financial help.
President Simeone announced that Trustee Larry Monson is retiring effective September 30. Larry was thanked for his many years of service both on the TRA Board and as an officer and business agent. for Local 17.

Among topics discussed at the meeting were health insurance as it will affect TRA members, WTWT rate increases, the status of ACA options such as Kaiser, United Healthcare, and Medicare.
Vice President Jim Adams introduced three TRA members – Jerry Loose, 89 years old with 61 years as a Teamster; Laura Robertson, 98 with 69 years as a Teamster and both former Board members. Also introduced was Delwin Cannon, 92 with 71 years as a Teamster. Delwin is a retired member of Local 537 from Meadow Gold Dairy and has been a member of the retirees association since 1988. There was a round of applause for them.

The drawing was held for three boxes of doughnuts; two James R. Hofffa commemorative books; four $25 King Soopers $25 gift certificates; and ten $25 checks.

Thanks to all of our volunteers. Jack and Patsy Monson are faithful to be there early to make coffee and provide doughnuts for the meetings. Tell your retired union member friends about our meetings on the third Friday of each month (excluding summer months), commencing with coffee, doughnuts and visiting at 1p.m. and the meeting at 1:30 at the UFCW Local 7 meeting hall, 7760 W. 38th Ave., Wheat Ridge. Keep in mind that our TRA Kaiser Health Plan is available to any retired union member. Everyone should check out the new TRA website for updates, etc.:

August 2017

Six bright, young students awarded Local 455 scholarships<.h2>

Alejandro Feiffer, son of Javier and Veronica Feifer of Aurora, Colorado, was graduated from Vista Peak High School, and will attend the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley this fall where he will major in business and accounting. As a student at Vista Peak, Feiffer won academic letters and participated in varsity football and wrestling. He has also received an associates degree in culinary arts from Pickens Tech.

His father is employed at the Safeway beverage plant.

Mariah Lee, daughter of Braden and Denise Lee of Aurora, will study pre-med this fall at Baylor University. Mariah was graduated from Rangeview High School where she was ranked number 7 in her class. She was an AP scholar with honors. She also won the president’s volunteer service bronze award, was a four year academic letter winner named to the all state academic first team and was recipient of the outstanding achievement award for physical education. She also won varsity letters in soccer, softball and cross country.

Mariah’s father is employed by Bimbo Bakeries USA.

Katelyn Powell, daughter of Michael and Katherine Powell, was graduated from Weld Central High School and will attend the University of Denver where she will major in journalism. At Weld Central, Katelyn was on the Honor Roll and won academic letters. She has a 4.6 weighted GPA and was number 3 in her class. She won Academic Excellence Awards in English and math, served on student council, was chair for the Link Crew for mentoring and tutoring, and participated in drama, tennis and was editor of the student newspaper.

Her father is employed at Bimbo Bakeries, USA.

Breanna Johnson, daughter of Dustin and Debbie Johnson of Colorado Springs, was graduated from Vista Ridge High School and will attend the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs this fall and major in nursing. During her high school career, Breanna was an AP scholar and member of the Honor Roll and National Honor Society. In addition she did volunteer work at an assisted living facility.

Her father is an employee of Meadow Gold.

Emilee Smith, daughter of Michael and Cindy Smith of Highland Ranch, was graduated from Mountain Visa High School and will attend Loyola Marymount University this fall where she will study psychology and dance. Emilee was a member of the National Honor Society and was an academic letters winner. She also participated in FCCA, NAHS and the Interact Club and was captain of the poms team.

Emilee’s father is an employee of UPS.

Arturo Valenzuela, son of Arturo and Maria Valenzuela, was graduated from Vita Peak Preparatory, and will attend Metropolitan State University this fall. Arturo has a weighted grade point average of 4.0740, and a weighted GPO of 3.530. He was on the honor roll all four years of high school, was an AP scholar and participated in honors classes. He played on the varsity baseball team.

Arturo’s father is employed by Safeway, Inc.

Heavy workload for members at DIA

Report from John Hennelly, business agent
DENVER — Bags Inc.–With summer travel increasing, the amount of checked baggage on UAL flights is also increasing. At a time when our members would like to take some well-deserved time off to spend with family, the company is pushed to the limit to properly staff the curbside baggage check podiums. We ask that those members not seeking time-off pick up as much extra time/overtime as they can to allow those members who do want some time off to be allowed to take it. Help your brothers and Sisters out and they will do the same for you when you want some time off.

SP+ — Both valet and lead groups are experiencing short-staffing issues. Because of this the attendance policy has been strictly enforced by the company. Members should be aware of the policy contained in the CBA and make every effort to adhere to it. If you feel you are being unfairly pressured or disciplined according to this policy please contact me immediately before you are put at risk for further discipline.

Nationwide/ABM — The ABM AMOD’s contract negotiations have concluded. Each member should have a copy of the tentative agreement for review. We will vote the contract on the property on Monday July 24. Check the posting for more details. With the very hot temperatures this summer, tempers are also hot and patience of customers is running thin. Please be aware of this and make sure the customers are handled with your usual expertise and a little extra care.

YRC — We are still anxiously awaiting the company’s change-of-operations. Freight Director Ernie Soehl has advised the local that the company is still working on it, and the expected timeline has been delayed. We will keep the members updated as things develop.

Denver Post — Daily issues continue to arise within the pressroom and your committee is working diligently to stay on top of things. In transportation things are running a little smoother and it is fortunate that most of that department’s work is accomplished at night so the heat and terrible traffic on the areas roads are not as big an issue. Driving at night does have its own set of challenges and our member drivers handle these challenges in their usual professional way.

Report from Mark Madsen, business agent
I hope you are having a great summer, and that we will see you at the Zoo Night or the golf tournament. Here are a few updates:

Aramark Vending — We completed contract negotiations in mid-June and it was a great result for the members, with solid support for ratification. The members gained significant increases in wages, insurance cost savings and increased matching to their 401k plan. A big thanks to former Local 455 President Chuck Haliburton and Stewards Frank Personette and Ian Maher.

Whitewater — As the month’s Rocky Mountain Teamster goes to press, we are in the process of trying to get the guys in Grand Junction into the Joint Council 3 health and welfare plan. The employer is faced with a 24 percent increase in cost, of which the employer will absorb 7 percent, and the members will take a 17 percent hit. I am working with Vince Shaw, who sits on the JC 3 board to try to get this done for the guys quickly to avoid the big cost increase. We will update you later.
USFoods — The arbitration that was scheduled for the Driver Safety Policy has been canceled because the company informed Local 455 that they intend to implement another “new” policy in 2017. So we will address the new policy when it is implemented, and take all action necessary through the grievance and arbitration process. Also, the company had a time study done on the warehouse functions to prepare for the use of triple pallet jacks for order selection. The company has tried this several times before, but seems intent on proceeding after Labor Day. The IBT Engineer already has the report and I am sure there will be several issues that we will have with the new process. We will grieve every issue that comes up and make sure that the new standard is fair for everyone.
Everyone be safe and enjoy the final days of summer.

Report from Don Ramsey, business agent
United Airlines MX and related — I will forgo any positive things that occurred this month so I may emphasize the following subject matter. United Airlines has taken on a new low in its managerial style. They are firing people left and right system wide, including Denver, and trying to impose rules that have not been posted for the Tech Ops groups.

Early buyout is only one way to get rid of the aging workforce. Another way is with their “Notification of any Arrest or conviction of a felony” that must be reported within 24 hours of the occurrence. This is now a tool in which they will impose sanctions and Last Chance Agreements on employees who have a substance or driver’s license restrictions arrest.

Do not put yourself in this position by having alcohol and driving or being near your car while drinking with keys in hand. It is a DUI in Colorado and will result in drastic sanction by the company. Do not use any non- prescription drugs even if you are not subject to random testing.
Frontier Airlines — Frontier and Teamsters will resume negotiations for the aircraft appearance agent group in August. We look forward to improving their conditions, rules and benefits.

Controllers — The company doesn’t want to pay industry percentage rates for this newly accreted work group. The national mediator seems to recognize this and will not allow us to engage until September or October at the earliest.

Mechanics — We have several grievances being processed for work scope violations.

Material Specialists — The company violated the contract for training and quickly fixed the problem.

Southwest Airlines — The material specialists just turned down their tentative agreement with force. The Airline Division is quickly regrouping to get to an acceptable contract proposal.

June 2017

Meetings suspended for summer

DENVER — This article is for our March and April meetings. President Mike Simeone opened the meetings with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and a moment of silence for all of our departed Teamster brothers and sisters and for all U.S. Military personnel, past and present.

The following deaths had been reported from both meetings. (Note those that are members of our Association are designated TRA.)

January – Michael Chavez, Salt Creek (Local 961); February – Joe Duran, Advantage Logistics (Local 455); March – Thomas Goss (TRA), Western Paving (Local 13); Juan Chumacero, Lucky Stores (Local55); Ray Hildebrandt (TRA), Safeway (Local435); Richard Ortiz,IML (Local 17); JoAnn Hardin, spouse of Robert, King Soopers (Local 455); Charles Trujillo (TRA), Associated Grocers, (Local 435); Almira Graham, spouse of James, UPS; Mary Pollard (TRA), widow of Chester (Local 961); Bill Koger, Acme (Local 7), and Robert Harsh, CF (Local 17); April – Elaine Cisneros, spouse of Floyd, Safeway (Local 455); Dave Bugarin, ICX (Local 17), Stan Bristol (TRA) (Local 455), and Bill Driver (Local 17).

Also our sympathies go out to Local 17 BA Mike Ramos at the loss of his father Dave Ramos who passed in April and his mother Helen who passed in May. Dave retired from Ringsby and Briggs, Local 17, and have been members of the Retirees since 1998.

The March meeting was very brief as the UFCW needed their meeting hall for negotiations. There were no guests. The members had time for coffee and doughnuts and the drawing was held and the meeting was adjourned. There were 61 members present.

The April meeting had 81 members present. President Simeone announced that Les Pettera, vice president, has tendered his resignation as a board member of the Retirees Association effective June 1, 2017.

Mike acknowledged that Les has had 60- plus years as a Teamster member, steward and officer, including his time with the retirees. He joined the retirees in 1998 and has served as an officer since 2001. The membership responded with a rousing round of applause for Les. Our thanks goes out to Les and Myrna for their help through the years. They will be missed. There was also a round of applause for former Board member Sharon White for her years of service for the retirees. Sharon was in attendance for the first time in a few months.

President Simeone said that Jim Adams has been appointed to fulfill the term of Les Pettera as vice president. Jim worked for Nobel Sysco and went to work in Local 435 as an organizer in 1990. He retired and joined the retirees in 2016. We welcome Jim to our board.

The guests at the April meeting were introduced: Jill Inman of Robert F. May Co.; Tony Licata and Noushin Hornbuckle of Kaiser Permanente.

Tony spoke on the importance of medical document preservation and the importance of providing complete medical information to your doctor. He addressed some questions from the floor. Tony introduced Laura Robertson, who was recently interviewed about her early Kaiser connections by the History Department. of the main Kaiser office. They ran her interview on the Kaiser Permanente website. She went to Portland, Oregon, with her mother in 1938.

Her mother worked in the Kaiser shipyards during the war years, where Kaiser Permanente health insurance originated for the large influx of laborers for the war effort.

Laura was one of the first members of the Kaiser Health plan when it was established in the Teamster Retirees Association in about 1980 and continues her coverage to date.

Laura was recording secretary for the Retirees Association. for many years and started her Teamster secretarial career with Local 17 in 1948, working for Local 16 in Grand Junction for awhile and returning to Denver to run the Denver Teamsters Credit Union until her retirement. Laura is now a spry 97 years young and wants to stay active in the retirees as long as health will allow, and she loves our Kaiser health plan.

We had four new members in April – Janet S. Benefield, retired as Joint Council 3 secretary; Michael J. Polachek, ABF (Local 17); Robert and Sherrie Petrie , Denver Sheriff’s Department, (Local 17), and David and Barbara Dill rejoined, Keebler (Local455).

Tony Licata, Jill Inman and Jim Adams helped with the drawing. Extra boxes of doughnuts were raffled off and ten $25 checks were given out.

Retiree luncheons are cancelled until further notice due to the closing of the last country buffet in the Denver area.

Les Pettera announced in the April meeting to remember to come to the Retiree luncheon to be held on May 12th at the Country Buffet. We called Country Buffet again on Monday before the Friday luncheon and found that they had closed. The only remaining Country Buffet is in Colorado Springs. The executive board manned a phone bank on Wednesday to attempt to contact every member of the closing.

If you did not get a call, we might not have a correct phone number for you, so contact Carole in the office with a current phone number. We are cancelling the luncheon in September as well. We will let the members know when we can arrange for more luncheons.

Thanks go out to all our volunteers and we would hope that if you are a retired union member and haven’t checked us out that you will give us a try. There is always lots of good coffee and doughnuts, faithfully provided each meeting by Jack and Patsy Monson. Call Carole in the Retiree office (303-433-8184) for information about joining or come to the membership meetings the third Fri. of each month.
Retiree meetings are suspended for the summer months of June, July and August and will resume again on Friday, September 15, 2017. Have and safe and healthy summer.

April 2017

Simeone is new retiree president

DENVER — This article is for our January and February meetings. Our dear friend and leader, Jerry Loose, attended our executive board meeting in January and tendered his resignation. He thanked everyone for the opportunity of serving as our president for the last 14 years. He joined the retirees in 1989 and was appointed to the board in 1992.

Jerry turned 88 last fall. His health is improving. In our February E.B. meeting Michael Simeone was appointed president to fulfill Jerry’s term of office. Mike retired as the principal officer in Teamsters Local 17 in December, 2015. Mike and Local 17 have given an immense amount of valuable assistance to our organization. The retirees built our union and he wants to continue to honor and help them in his capacity as president.

Then in our February meeting Recording Secretary Sharon White resigned her position due to health problems, which are getting better with time. Sharon was a secretary in Local 435’s office from September, 1976, to December,1997. She retired and joined the retirees and was appointed to the board in 2002 and has served as recording secretary since 2003. Sharon’s services were thorough and invaluable to us and she will be missed. We give her and Jerry our very best wishes.

Our meetings were started with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and a moment of silence for all of our departed Teamster brothers and sisters and for all U.S. military personnel, past and present. The following deaths had been reported from both meetings. (Note those that are members of our Association are designated TRA.) For December: Betty Hartle (TRA), spouse of Perry (Local 435). January: Roy Hessling NW (Local 17); Jack Prouty, YRC (Local 17). February: Lois Miller (TRA) widow of Harley (Local 17); Yuki Chavez, spouse of Joe (Local 17); Kenneth Schamaun (TRA), (Local 435); Jeffrey Williams, Exide,and Esther Paswaters (TRA) spouse of Fred, ABF, (Local 17). March: Florence Ciancio (TRA), widow of Joe, ICX (Local17). Also Lorenzo Bailey, NW (Local17) and John Sims, NW (Local 17) – dates unknown.
We had one new member in January – George and Ruth McNamara (Local17).

We had 74 members present at our January meeting and 80 at the February meeting.

President Mike Simeone spoke on his history with the Teamsters Union and that he looks forward to serving the retirees as president. He said he has big shoes to fill, following Jerry. He thanked Duane Grove, secretary-treasurer. of Local 17 for all the help he continues to give to the retirees. He has several ideas for the membership and related that he is still an active Trustee on the WTWT health plan in the west and explained how the retiree health benefits are paid for and that he will continue to work for the retirees’ benefit in this area. He also said that he would like to have Chuck Mack, co-chairman of the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust, come to one of our meetings. He said that he has checked out the Teamster Retirees’ Kaiser Health Plan and that the Trustees have secured very good rates and have one of the best Kaiser Plans.

Guests for the meetings were Jill Inman of Robert F. May Co.; Tony Licata and Noushin Hornbuckle from Kaiser; Tammy Munoz and Jim Adams of the Teamster Horsemen; and Gary Cook, B.A. with Local 17.
Tony Licata spoke on the aspects of Alzheimer’s as opposed to dementia. He emphasized how important good nutrition and exercise are and asked how many were taking advantage of Kaiser’s Silver Sneakers and several raised their hand. Noushin spoke at length on the importance of checking out the benefits of other health plans before changing just because the premium looks good.

Tammy and Jill helped with the drawing. The extra boxes of doughnuts were raffled off and ten $25 checks were given out.

Gary Cook spoke on behalf of Local 17 and announced that Local 17 will have their golf tournament in July and that all proceeds will be donated to the retirees. The retirees are invited to participate in the tournament. He brought more “Teamster Retiree” license plate brackets to pass out.

Thanks go out to all our volunteers and we would hope that if you are a retired union member and haven’t checked us out that you will give us a try. There is always lots of good coffee and doughnuts, great Teamster fellowship and all for $24 a year dues. That is a bargain. Call Carole in the retiree office (303-433-8184) for information or come to the membership meetings the third Friday of each month.

THMA helping veterans

DENVER — Chapter 3 of the Teamster Horsemen Motorcycle Association is supporting the Colorado Veterans Project again this year by collecting food at the Memorial Day Ruck March May 27 at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castle Rock.

The food will be delivered to homeless veterans.

Last year THMA CH3 collected and delivered more than 26,000 pounds of food to homeless vets. ABF is helping in this project with loaning the forklift to help get the food in the JC 3 trailer.

THMA is also helping the “Soldiers Angels” who get food from the Food Bank of the Rockies one Friday a month and distribute it to veterans in need.

“The Teamster truck is constantly on the move helping our community. When you see the truck, give a honk,” said John Oxley, THMA president.

“We have a poker run planned for Sunday, June 25. All are welcome to ride or drive and support THMA CH 3 doing things for children, Teamsters and veterans in our Joint Council area.

“We also have a car and bike show planned for August 13 at the 455 union hall. Get it shined up.

“Remember we’re there to help you. Check us out on the Internet. Our events page will tell you how to join or come along on any of our rides or events.”


February 2017

Winter set in with a vengeance

DENVER — We hope everyone had a nice and safe Christmas holidays. And here we are heading into the year 2017 with snow falling outside.

This article is for the November and December meetings. President Jerry Loose has been absent these past few meetings due to health issues. Vice President Les Pettera chaired the meetings. We miss Jerry, wish him well and a quick return. The meetings started with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and a moment of silence for all of our departed Teamster brothers and sisters and for all U.S. Military personnel, past and present.

The following deaths had been reported from both meetings. (Note: those that were members of our Association are designated TRA.) for November: Martin Richardson, Mobil Premix (Local 13); Gordon Goodliffe, IML, and Wayne Whitney, (TRA), Time DC (Local 17); Glenna Green, (TRA), wife of Harold (Local17).

We had 84 members at our November. meeting and 66 members in attendance at the December meeting.
We had one new member join in November: Frank and Helen Lay. Frank is a former officer in the Colorado AFL-CIO; and three new members in December: Ronald and Kathleen Firebaugh, Safeway (Local 455); Stan and Lizz Bristol, US Foods (Local455), and Kenneth and Sharon Mitchell. Ken is a former business agent at Local 17.

Our guests for both meetings were Jill Inman from Robert F. May Co.. Tony Licata from Kaiser Permanente, Gary Cook, Local 17 B.A., and Tammy Munoz, Local 455 steward at YRC and a member of the Teamster Horsemen. Cynthia Winslow of Professional Case Management was also a guest at the December meeting.

Tony Licata spoke on the Kaiser Health Plan for the retirees. He said that rates will increase by 7% for the senior advantage group for 2017. He spoke on 10 early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and that pamphlets are available showing comparisons to typical age-related changes.

Cynthia Winslow told the members that there is help available for a specific health condition that can be a result of exposure to a dangerous environment. They also provide home care. Brochures were passed out.

Gary Cook presented each member with a “Teamster Retiree” license bracket, provided by Local 17 and passed out nice YRC and UPS 2017 calendars. Tony Licata gave out orange peelers from Kaiser.
Drawings were held for ten $25 checks and extra boxes of doughnuts. Our Trustee Jack Monson and wife, Patsy provided two big Christmas bears for the drawing. Tammy Munoz and Jill Inman helped with the drawings.

We thank all who volunteer for the retirees. We are especially appreciative of the UFCW that charge us minimal rent for the use of the nice meeting hall, of Local 17 that provides us with an office and all that entails, and The Teamster Horsemen who give us financial help each month.

We invite any retiree of any union to join our group. Meetings are held the third Friday of every month, with exception of the summer months, at the UFCW Local 7 building, 7760 W. 38th Ave., Wheat Ridge, with Jack and Patsy’s good coffee and doughnuts at 1 p.m. and meeting at 1:30 p.m. If you need further information, call Carole at the retiree office, 303-433-8184.

Be safe on the winter streets, watch out for the kids and we will see you at the next meeting.

December 2016

Holiday Season is upon us

Report from Carole Salter,

DENVER — This article is for the September. and October meetings. The meetings always start with the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and a moment of silence for all of our departed Teamster brothers and sisters and for all U.S. military personnel, past, present and future.

The following Teamster deaths were reported at both meetings. (Note: Those who were members of our Association are designated TRA.)

July – Donald Talbot, ABF, Local 17. August – Lloyd Evans, Safeway, Local 455. September – Tony Padilla, ABF, Local 17; George Bach, Keebler, Local 219, and Robert Blanton, Sr., NW. October – Richard Coverston, (TRA) Salt Creek/NW, Local 961; Robert Loose, Santa Fe, Local 17. Robert is the brother of our president, Jerry Loose. November – Willie Franklin, (TRA), Time DC/YRC, Local 17. Also Bud Bryant, IML/YRC, Local 17, and Gerald Watts, YRC, Local 17- dates unknown.

We had 80 members at our September meeting and 83 in October. We also had a big turnout for our September membership luncheon. We have had beautiful Colorado fall weather for our meetings.

We had new members in September – Charles and Paulette Applegate, Local 961 and in October – Jim and Maria Adams, retired business agent for Local 455. Jim is also a Teamster Horseman.

In September we had guests Jill Inman of Robert F. May Co.; John Oxley, Tammy Munoz and Ken Crooks of the Teamster Horsemen; and Gary Cook, business agent of Local 17.

President Jerry Loose was surprised with a special presentation from the Teamster Horsemen officials with one of their handmade valor quilts in recognition of his years of U.S. military service. As we all know Jerry is a very proud veteran. Jerry was with the 13th Air Force in the Philippines from 1947 to 1950. Also Gary Cook, Local 17 business agent. told of Local 17’s honoring Jerry with his 60-year membership pin this month. Jerry still faithfully attends all the membership meetings. The Teamster Horsemen presented him with a beautifully decorated sheet cake acknowledging these honors. This cake was cut and served to the members by the Horsemen.

In October member Mike Simeone, retired principal officer of Local 17, told the members that he remains a trustee for the WTWT health insurance and that retiree premiums would not increase for 2017.
The Teamster Horsemen honored another of our members, Al Jennings, with a valor quilt for his U.S. military service. Al was with the Marine 5th Division, 26th Regiment, in Iwo Jima. He served from December, 1943, through April, 1946. Al retired from Safeway, Local 435, in 1989 and has been in our retirees association since then.

Jane Stallsworth, wife of member David, made some delicious coffee cake and shared it with the members this month.

Drawings are held for ten $25 checks and boxes of doughnuts at each meeting.

We thank all who make these meetings possible and pleasant. Board member Jack Monson and wife Patsy are faithfully here early to make coffee and set up for the meetings each month. We thank The Teamster Horsemen for their participation and financial help each month.

Our meetings are the third Friday of each month, coffee at 1p.m. and meeting at 1:30 p.m., at the ground floor meeting hall of United Food & Commercial Workers Local 7, 7760 W. 38th Ave., Wheat Ridge. Come and check us out. You won’t be disappointed!

The Teamster Retiree Association wishes all a happy and blessed holiday season!

June 2016

Teamsters OK contract; strike ends at Advantage Logistics

FOUNTAIN — A nine-day strike ended here today (Friday, May 5) when members of Teamsters Local Union 455 overwhelming approved a new labor contract covering more than 300 employees at Advantage Logistics South.

The strike began Monday, April 25 and picket lines were manned through an 8-inch snowstorm.

Steve Vairma, secretary-treasurer of Local 455 and vice president of the Teamsters International Union, said the new 5-year agreement includes increases in wages and improvements in the health care plan, among other enhancements.

“Our members did a great job under extreme circumstances,” said Vairma. “They remained unified and strong to the end, and their effort paid off.”

Teamster Lawrence Romero agreed:

“By standing together during a really tough time, we now have the best contract we have ever had,” said Teamster Lawrence Romero.

Advantage South is a third party logistics company that distributes products in behalf of Kroger Co. to its King Soopers and City Market stores.

Summer meetings suspended

DENVER — This column covers the March and April meetings. Each meeting starts with the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and a moment of silence for our deceased Teamster brothers and sisters and all the U.S. military personnel, past and present.

The Teamster retirees who have passed since our last column are: For March— John Sanders, Robinson Dairy, Local 537; Joseph Vaughn, ICX; Joe Perez, CF; Local 17), and Timothy Nicholl, NW, (Local 17). For April—Charles Williams, Walt Flanagan Cement, Local 13.

There were no new members in March. In April we had two—John “Rowdy” and Renee Oxley, YRC, Locals 961 and 455); and Benny Molinaro.

We had 48 members at the meeting in March. Even the bad weather can’t stop us; we had a foot of snow or more in some places in the area. In April there were 72 members in attendance.

Our guests at the March meeting were Noushin Hornbuckle of Kaiser Permanente who answered questions about our Kaiser plan. She brought Kaiser items—thermos cup and blanket to be given in the drawing. Also present as a guest was Tammy Munoz, Local 455 member and steward at YRC and member of the Teamster Horsemen Motorcycle group. Tammy told about their organization and one of their projects, “Pets for Vets” and asked for volunteers to help with this project. She said that the Teamster Horsemen are running the Local 455 Auto Show now. Retirees are welcome to join the Teamster Horsemen.

Our guests at the April meeting were Tony Licata, our Kaiser representative; Jill Inman of Robert F. May Co.; and Rowdy Oxley and Tammy Munoz of the Teamster Horsemen Motorcycle club. Tony Licata spoke on his recent hip surgery at a Kaiser facility and how well it went. He talked about concentrating on breathing deeply to relieve stress and to have wellness exams at least once a year.

Rowdy Oxley joined our Teamster Retirees Org. and spoke to our members. He informed us that the Teamster Horsemen Executive Board had voted to contribute $50 a meeting to help with our meeting expenses. President Loose thanked Rowdy and the Teamster Horsemen for their kind generosity to our group. Rowdy also spoke on some of the projects they do for charity. One of these projects involves providing special-made quilts to Teamster veterans for their service for our country. One of our members present at the meeting—Rudy Martinez—said he has received one of these quilts and what that gesture meant to him.

Drawings were held at each meeting for ten $25 checks, Kaiser gifts and boxes of doughnuts.

Remember our next meeting will be Friday, May 20. Come; bring a retired union friend to join our group. May will be our last membership meeting for the summer. The next meeting after the summer break will be September 16. We meet at the UFCW Local 7 Building, 7760 W. 38th Ave., Wheat Ridge, with coffee and doughnuts at 1p.m. and meeting at 1:30.

That’s all for now. Watch out for the children, they will be out of school soon. Take care of each other and remember we are all proud Teamsters.

April 2016

Local 455

Huge rejection on ‘close out’ proposal

Report from Don Ramsey
Business agent

DENVER — United/Continental Airlines, MX — Results are in from the “company close out proposal.” On February 16, a historic 93 percent NO vote from 87 percent of the membership was counted and the members’ voices were heard loud and clear.

To further punctuate this message to United Airlines, the Teamsters demonstrated at the San Francisco maintenance base where more than 400 people closed down four lanes of highway on Airport Blvd. The SFO police department was dispatched to “contain” us, but ended up holding traffic at bay to protect us as they are union members and were sympathetic to our cause. Protests were also held around the country that week.

The protesting continued on March 8 in New York at the J.P. Morgan Airline investment meetings. Teamsters from around the country flew in and were bussed in to let investors know that during the summer of 2016 flying may be in jeopardy. Pictures and video are on Local 455’s Facebook page. The NMB will provide future dates of negotiation in May.

Frontier Airlines, MX and related — The mechanics and material specialists negotiating team met with the company in Washington D.C, the week of March 15 with minimal progress. The company moved enough to temporarily postpone our petition to seek release from mediation, and has requested we be on hand to continue talks locally. No official dates are set at this time.

No meetings for appearance or controllers have occurred this month.

American Airlines, customer service — Although there are some growing pains with the merger between US Air and American the transition is occurring. Nominations and elections of shop steward were conducted recently. New stewards are Karen Quarles, Stacey Bennet, Billy Brenkley, Tiffany Ward, Mellisa McSherry and Fran Leston, new stewards. Anna Maria DiMascio and Julie Barr, are alternates. Congratulations and thank you for taking on this responsibility.

Report from Bob Adams,
Business agent

Safeway Distribution Center — The company is in the final stages of preparation for the increase in volume of product that will be coming through the distribution center to supply the Albertsons stores. Due to staffing cutbacks in recent years, the company has found itself short of help to handle this increase and has resorted to using a temporary hiring agency to bring people into the center. Our local has put the company on notice that these employees must become Teamster members per the labor agreement. We cannot allow non-union workers to do our work.

The annual job bid for our member drivers has been posted by the company and all country and combination bid runs have been eliminated. Our drivers’ work has been given to outside third party carriers in violation of the labor agreement. A grievance regarding this blatant violation has been filed and our local will pursue all necessary steps to protect our members’ work.

Western Sugar, Fort Morgan — After a third incident resulting in an injury due to defective equipment, the equipment (in this case a rail car) has been red tagged and taken out of service. Please let this be a reminder to our members to always be alert to your surroundings and to work safe. If you have a legitimate safety issue or concern, notify management at once and do not use equipment or work in an area that is not safe until the issue has been resolved.

Western Sugar Scottsbluff — After the company put up a posting restricting our members’ right to take vacation time, our shop stewards addressed the issue with local management. They advised management that barring an emergency situation, there can be no restriction on when our members can take their earned vacation. The posting has been taken down.

Report from Chuck Haliburton

To all Meadow Gold members: We will be back in negotiations with the company on April 12. Your labor agreement has been extended through that period. Watch your bulletin board for dates and times of ratification meetings shortly thereafter.

Local 455 wishes long, happy and healthy retirements to Dave Garrett, Meadow Gold Grand Junction; Kenny Quintana, Meadow Gold Greeley; Greg Clifton and Cecil Nagel, Meadow Gold Englewood, and Dominic Sochia of Sinton Dairy.

Report from Matthew Fazakas,
961 contract director, business agent

I will miss working with and for you all. It is with great trepidation and some sorrow that I retired from Teamsters Local 455 as of March 18, 2016. It has been a long, entertaining run as a union official since January, 1997. I want to personally thank Principal Officer Steve Vairma, President Chuck Haliburton and all of the E-board and staff of the local, as well as the members and friends I have been associated with over these years. I will continue working for the IBT Airline and Carhaul Divisions for the immediate future to assist in closing out some contracts.
As previously reported the Teamsters Airline Division filed with the National Mediation Board (NMB) for a ‘Proffer” to seek a release and seek self-determination (right to strike) for the Frontier Airlines maintenance and related and the material specialist’s classifications. The parties met at the NMB offices in Washington, DC, on March 15-17.

The company finally made a compressive proposal, which is being reviewed at the time this article was written. The Frontier Airlines maintenance control contract negotiations are being conducted with the assistance of the NMB with meetings held March 15, and additional sessions scheduled in April. The Frontier Aircraft appearance agent Section 6 negotiations have commenced with meetings and proposals exchanged.

AIRSERV has announced that they have lost the contract with United Airlines for the Skycaps at DIA that ends on March 31. The Skycaps have been long term supportive Teamster members of our local.and we are working on getting them work with the new contractor. It is a sad loss of work, as this was the first group that I organized in 1997-1998. I want to personally remember a few of our members and personal friends that have passed: Donnell Kennison, Chuck Davis, Larry Hurst, and Jerry Boyer.

The Lanier Brugh work in Denver is up for bid with notices sent to our drivers regarding the cessation of work on March 31. Discussions and work bumping rights are being held with the company.

We reached a TA agreement for the Denver Post Transportation contract. The pressman contract has been extended with negotiations scheduled for the week of April 11. The owners of the Denver Post (DFM) were just awarded the bid and purchased newspapers in the Los Angeles area in bankruptcy court.

The Hertz Car-Rental western area master and local addendum were overwhelmingly ratified with the agreement being reviewed for signing and printing. The Standard Parking valet and lead contracts are out for ratification the week of March 28. Joint Council 3 has been directly involved in the organizing of Selland Auto Transport, a 250- member group of drivers and mechanics. Negotiations are being held in Seattle on a regular basis in March and April.

Report from John Hennelly

YRC — Numerous cases were heard at the March multi-states hearings. I am in the process of setting up regular visiting schedules. We have no cases docketed for the May joint area hearings.

ABF — There is a change-of-operations scheduled to be heard in Kansas City on March 30, which, if approved, will add an additional 605- mile turn bid to WaKeeney, Kansas. There is one case docketed for the May joint area hearings regarding the proper payment while on W/C and other related issues.

Denver Post transportation — Contract TA was reached March 25 and will be scheduled for ratification.

Denver Post pressman — Negotiations are scheduled for April 11.

Nationwide Parking — Contract was ratified and will be out for distribution.

AMB AMODs — We have re-obtained access to warming houses and you need to let me know if you are having access problems.

G & K — The union conducted a safety inspection and will be meeting with the stewards and company to review.

Hamilton Towel — I want to remind you about winter weather conditions and to work in a safe manner.

Gate Safe — Remember to try and attend a membership meeting the first Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m.

Hertz Car Rental — Contract was ratified and is being reviewed for printing. Anyone needing cold weather gear needs to request from their manager.

Hertz Local Edition — The new contract rates and retro pay have been paid.

Denver Waste Materials/Star Industrial Supplies — Regular meetings will be scheduled to review contract.

Standard Parking Valets — Contract is out for ratification.

Standard Parking/PPM Leads — Contract is out for ratification.

Teamsters Local 455 members

There will be a vote to suspend the membership meetings for the summer, which includes June, July and August.

The meeting will be held May 3, 2016, membership meeting at the Teamsters Hall, located 10 Lakeside Lane in Denver.

Local 267

Local conducts successful DRIVE campaign

FORT COLLINS — We hope all our members — new, old and retired had a Happy Easter. Spring is definitely in the air and with the changing weather comes some new challenges for your local union.

DRIVE (Democrat Republican Independent Voter Education)—As I reported in the last issue, many of our members who retired over the last couple of years were among the more than 100 DRIVE members we had at one time. With these retirements, our number of DRIVE participants has dipped below 50, so we felt it was critical that we renew efforts to increase our participation rate, especially among the many newer members.

Mark Shumar and Joe Saroli, field representatives from the IBT DRIVE department, visited us over the March 11 weekend. Brother Saroli brought with him many years of political experiences from the New York area, and joined us as we made ourselves available to our members during the shift changes to answer question about the DRIVE program and assist them in signing their pledge cards.

On March 12, Brother Saroli also addressed the members at our monthly general membership meeting. I am happy to announce that we were able to get close to 60 new members signed up for DRIVE, which brings our total number of participants to a new high of nearly 110, which is on or about 25 percent of our membership, well above the national average.

DRIVE is a program started by Teamsters many years ago, which allows members to voluntarily donate as little as one dollar per paycheck directly to the IBT DRIVE department to be used for research (it takes considerable resources to monitor every piece of legislation and program for possible attacks on workers, and then to communicate that to us), and to support candidates and campaigns from all political parties that are working to protect labor and the working class,
Half of all Local 267’s DRIVE funds are returned to Colorado to be combined with DRIVE funds from the other Colorado Teamster Locals and used to address labor-related issues and support worker friendly candidates in our state.

If you’re not already in DRIVE, please consider joining us, especially during this most important election year. If you are already in DRIVE, please consider increasing your commitment for the same reason.

Scholarships — Along with spring, the high school graduation “season” will be upon us in pretty short order as well. Just as a reminder, Local 267 offers three $1,000 college scholarships, available to graduating sons and daughters of active, (including weekenders), retired and deceased members. These local scholarships — combined with many $1,000 and several $10,000 JRHMSF (James R Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund) merit scholarships and essay contests, along with four $1000 Anheuser-Busch/Brewery Conference of Teamsters merit scholarships — are just part of the many benefits to your sons and daughters of being a Teamster family.

Don’t let time slip away and miss out on these opportunities. And remember, your graduating son or daughter may apply for all of these scholarships and we typically see many multiple award recipients. Watch the union bulletin boards in the brewery and our web site ( for details.

Speaking of our local web site, our IT department (OK, our “IT department” is actually the site developer and administrator, Terry Knight) has been busy making some security improvements, just to make things a little tougher for the hackers. We don’t foresee the changes affecting your access to the site, and in fact you’ll likely not notice them. If you’re not currently in the system and want to join the nearly 200 LU267 full time, weekend relief and retired members receiving weekly schedules and occasional updates – just contact the union office at 482-2749 for a log-in and password.

SRAM/FOAM — The annual SRAM (Sierra’s Race Against Meningitis) 5K Walk/Run is scheduled to begin at 8a.m. on Saturday, June 18, in Loveland at the Foundations Church located on Highway 34 / Denver Ave. Meningitis kills or disables around 1.2 million people per year and what’s horribly crazy is that meningitis can be prevented with simple vaccinations. The problem is, very few people are aware of this. Teamsters Joint Council 3 and Local 267 have teamed up to help SRAM raise awareness and save lives by supporting Sierra’s Race against Meningitis. Our JC3 Teamster parade truck “Big” will once again be on display at the 5K starting line on June 18. Visit this site to register for the 5K, and to win prizes and get a free t-shirt and meningitis vaccinations.

The 7th annual FOAM (Face Off against Meningitis) ice hockey tournament to support SRAM will be scheduled again in early August, but I’ll have to confirm those dates when they’re finalized. As many of you know; along with several other victims, Local 267 lost one of our own — E-board officer, maintenance shop steward and captain of the Local 267 hockey team, Bill Jubert, to meningitis during the outbreak in 2010. We keep his memory alive by supporting SRAM every year, especially through the FOAM hockey tournament which has raised over $100,000 for free meningitis vaccinations to date.

We wish you all the best as we continue on through 2016. We look forward to seeing you at the next general membership meeting.

In solidarity.

Local 17

Convention delegates selected

By Ed Bagwell
Vice President

Congratulations to the delegates going to the 2016 IBT Convention! We will be sending three delegates and three alternates. Secretary-Treasurer Duane Grove, President Chris Rodriguez and Vice President Ed Bagwell will be the delegates. Recording Secretary Gary Cook, Trustee John Vancil and Trustee Dick Kent will be attending as alternate delegates.

We would like to thank Brother Michael Simeone for his 42 years as a Teamster. He has been a trusted warrior leading the charge to protect all members in this great union. Brother Simeone is one of the few retired officials who still get phone calls from his former staff seeking advice and counsel. No one can say Brother Simeone ever backed down from a good fight representing members and facing down his adversaries, He always put the members first, and it is the members he served.

We are now accepting applications for membership at Denver Water. At the time this column was written, we have signed up 55 new members and are working to get union dues deduction through payroll. We would like to thank Steward Ron Hackett (DIA) and Steward Paul Ashley (YRC) for their assistance in the Denver Water organizing campaign. Teamster’s Local 17 is also working to add new members in the Boulder Sheriff Department. DIA management is trying to figure out how to give an employee a good rating and put the same person on a pip. This is just one of the reasons city employees need a union contract.

February 2016

Excessive overtime continues at UPS


Report from Scott Ford, business agent

DENVER — Excessive overtime continues to be an issue with our package car drivers, and I want to outline the procedure that must be followed in order to have 9.5 protection. The 9.5 language can be found under Article 37 Section C of the current National Master United Parcel Service Agreement.

If you have four years or more seniority as a package car driver, you have protection regardless if you have a bid route, are a bid coverage driver or a swing driver. Package car drivers with less than four years seniority have protection if they have a bid route, bid coverage position, or are assigned a route that is in existence for one week or more.

Once you have three violations in a work week, Monday- Friday, you must notify your steward and you and your steward notify management prior to your start time on Monday that you want to be added to the 9.5 list. Once added you have protection for five months that can only be interrupted by peak season, November and December. The five months starts the Monday following you and your steward’s notification to management. UPS may only work you in excess of 9.5 hours two days per week and must adjust your dispatch the other three days in order to keep you under 9.5 hours.

If UPS violates you after you have had your name added to the list, you must file a grievance in order to document the violation and be paid. The penalty to UPS is triple time for all hours worked in excess of 9.5. Since you are already on overtime the penalty is an additional 1.5 times your hourly rate for the time in excess of 9.5 hours. You must file a grievance in order to get paid. UPS will try and talk you out of going on the 9.5 list, promising days off and all kinds of other things in violation of our labor agreement. Remember this is business and the UPS management team should not be upset about you being on the 9.5 list. It’s your right and we negotiated this language in good faith to make it more convenient for you to use this language.

Due to the increase of e-commerce and UPS’s slow response to change, its business model from one that relied heavily on business to business shipments to one that is rapidly changing to more of a business to consumer model, UPS wants to make the drivers responsible for the company’s inability to staff properly. Remember article 3 section 7 of the National Master compels UPS to maintain an adequate work force. It’s your contract, use it and Teamsters Local Union 455 will back you 100 percent. If every driver that is eligible to use this language and where to use it, UPS would have no choice but to add more full time jobs. More full time jobs increases job security, increases the overall health of our pension and health and welfare plans and provides you more opportunity to bid, which is good for all of us.

Eight-hour requests
Every seniority package car driver is entitled to three (3) eight-hour requests per month and the language can be found in Article 19 section 3 of the Central Region Supplement. You must request an eight-hour request a minimum of 24 four hours in advance. It is up to UPS to adjust your dispatch so you can be in and off the clock within eight hours or less. Use this language to your advantage so you can manage your hours. Using your eight-hour request language and the excessive overtime language gives you the contractual right to manage your hours and work life balance.

Congratulations to recent retirees Roger Bowers, Tom Burnett, Colleen Collyer, Dale Doy, Jeff Elzea, Sammmy Fortajada, Sam Houston, Bill Johnson, Kathy Kohler, Richard Kremer, Gary Seefeldt, Stan Tweeten

Report from Robert (BJ) Jackson, business agent
Since Sysco lost the fight in the attempt to merge with US Foods, the negotiations around the country have been contentious, to say the least. Their contract expires on August 27 of this year here in Denver and we are expecting a tough go of it. My stewards at Sysco have been filing grievances left and right, especially in the transportation department and they seem to be over the same four or five articles. The company is leaving us no choice, so I put them on notice that we would file board charges if they violated any of these articles again.
Harborlite/Imerys — Business has been slow for this company here in Colorado, and our members are struggling to work a full work week. There are a few irons in the fire for some new business, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. Last year we extended the contract and kept everything as is, and the expiration of that extension is coming around very quickly, June 30, as a matter of fact.

US Foods — This company is revamping its management structure and now has regional presidents handling the business for three or four OPCO’s at a time. The person in charge here in Denver also runs the Albuquerque and the Lubbock branches and his title is the Rocky Mountain Area President. This contract is also expiring this year on October 1. We have been having a hard time making this company toe the line also, and we usually have weekly grievance meetings to address all of the issues.

Aramark — Aramark recently moved their facility to the new area over by Northfield and the warehouse has much more room than their last facility. They are in the middle of restructuring vending routes as we speak but I believe most of the guys will remain in their same area.

Canteen Vending — Canteen has been growing its business also and is looking to expanding and adding another facility. I believe the company is in the final stages prepping for the move, and when they are done they will have two warehouses to deliver from in Denver, one in Greeley and one in Colorado Springs. The main issue that we have at Canteen right now is the implementation of a “tobacco surcharge.” We believe this violates the contract and have filed a grievance on the matter. I have been in touch with the labor elations director of the Rocky Mountain Region, and hope to resolve the issue without proceeding to arbitration.

Americold — In my last report I reported that Americold had lost some business, I am happy to report that they have replaced that business and the guys are getting all the hours that they need. They also tried to implement a “tobacco surcharge” at this company, but after talking to the manager they rescinded this action. I believe the only ones currently paying the surcharge are the nonunion associates.

Whitewater — I have talked to my steward at this company which is located in Grand Junction, and I believe that they are a little bit busier than normal for this time of year. These members drive cement trucks, so they are of course in the construction industry. I will be paying them a visit again in the early spring to see how they fared through the winter.

Seattle Fish — I am happy to report that this company is also picking up new business and while they are not moving to a new facility the membership has increased there from 50 members when I first started representing them to approximately 95 members now.

Darling — Things have been quiet with my members at Darling and I don’t believe they have picked up a lot of business but they are steadily growing.

In closing my report for this month I would like to remind everyone to pay attention to your paychecks. I know it can be a pain with the automatic deposit and having to go on line to view your pay stubs. But that was how I got alerted to the fact that they were charging the tobacco surcharge at Americold. Mistakes are easy to make also and it’s up to you to check your pay to make sure the company covers everything from shift differential to overtime and Holiday pay.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season and that you are all ready to get back to the grind and make this a great new year.

I would like to send my personal condolences to the family of Jeff Koontz. He was a proud Teamster member and was a close personal friend of mine. We played a lot of golf together and were in the same men’s (golf) club and he will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Report from Dave Ring, business agent
UPS news — As most of you are aware, in order to meet the changing needs of customers’ buying habits and to keep ahead of the volume generated by online sales, UPS elected for the last two years to work/operate the day after Thanksgiving as a normal work day, including delivery of ground packages. Thanksgiving is a negotiated holiday and therefore the ground operations would require under the central contract that all employees be paid the double time rate for hours in addition to holiday pay.

In prior years, the company only delivered air packages. Under Article 40 of the contract air drivers and support employees who were scheduled to work were paid straight time.

Even though the company elected to operate as a normal day on the negotiated holiday, they are hiding behind the language in Article 40 to avoid paying the double time rate for all of the air drivers and Gateway employees required to work the day after Thanksgiving.

The International Union small package division heard a grievance on this issue and it is scheduled to be arbitrated.
The union’s position is if UPS wants to force their employees to work a negotiated holiday and run a full operation, then the air drivers and Gateway employees should be paid the double time rate and Article 40 would not apply.
Teamsters Local Union 455 has filed a grievance on this issue to protect the rights of the air operation employees in the event the arbitrator rules in the union’s favor.

I will keep you informed of any decisions on this issue.

For those members covered under Team Care, UPS and Transervice Platte River Group, formerly Air Liquide members, CVS has acquired Target Pharmacies. You will now have the option of using the Target stores or continue using the mail in order.

There is no cost for either mail in or Target stores for maintenance drugs. 90-day scripts, three-month refill is $0.00 cost.

Non-maintenance drugs through Target are $5 co-pay.

Transervice members can do the same with a 20 percent co-pay off a discounted three-month supply.
The UPS retiree party is scheduled for Saturday, March 26, 2016, 11a.m. to 2:p.m. at Tedz Place (formally Charlotte’s Web), hope to see everyone there.

Report from Don Ramsey, business agent
United Airlines — MX and Related. United’s offer of a “Close Out Proposal” is currently being voted on. As this edition of the Rocky Mountain Teamster went to press, the vote was scheduled to end on February 1, and we were awaiting results. The question of whether the 2200 furloughed will be voting was posed by Local 455 to the legal department and has been answered and the majority of them will NOT be eligible as they have never been a Teamster or paid dues. Although there are many gains in the company offer they do not outweigh the negatives and the executive committee and Local 455 are recommending a NO VOTE on the proposal.

Frontier Airlines — MX and Related, Material Specialists, and MX Controller Group-Contract negotiations are continuing under the direction of the NMB and Mediator Mike Tosi.

American Airlines — The American Airlines contract was ratified November 30. The vote was 6993 for, 2522 against. CWA and IBT have been meeting with the company to come to an agreement on the implementation. This will be done in phases, because the computer systems for American cannot be programmed to accommodate all the changes immediately.

The increase in base wages went into effect for all employees on December 7. The negotiated wage increase will be in your paycheck the week of December 24.

The increase in premiums was effective on December 1, but the antiquated systems could not accommodate the change. The system does recognize the change effective December 7. Time-and-a-half overtime wages will be paid to you as they should be. Overtime worked in excess of four hours on a scheduled work day will be paid at double-time.Weekly double time is paid after eight hours of time-and-one-half has been paid for overtime worked on scheduled days off.

The newly negotiated daily and weekly double time payments are effective on December 7 for LUS employees, December 7 for daily overtime qualifiers and December 12 for weekly overtime qualifiers for LAA employees due to the different pay periods.

We agreed to a one-time lump sum settlement for the premiums and overtime from December 1 to December 6. The lump sum is $12.65 per person. This will be paid in your check sometime in late January or early February.

The Article 2 Change in Control grievance settlement provides payments of $1000 for each full-time employee and $500 for each part-time employee who was on the payroll as of December 9, 2013, and remains on the payroll today. You will receive your Change in Control Settlement of $500 or $1000 during the last pay period of January or the first pay period of February.

Happy in the New Year


FORT COLLINS — Best wishes for the New Year to all our members—new, old and retired—from the executive board. We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year holidays with family and friends.

Well had an exciting year in organizing. I’m happy to announce that Local 267 welcomed six new members and an entirely new classification to our ranks—the West Coast Clydesdale Show-Horse Handlers.

The West Coast Hitch (now in Local 267, Fort Collins, CO) joined their brother and sister Clydesdale handlers on the East Coast Hitch (now in Local 633, Merrimack, NH) and the Clydesdale breeding facility on the Warm Springs Ranch in Boonville, Missouri (now in Local 6 St. Louis, MO) in ratifying a national master agreement and local supplemental agreements specific to each facility. All three teams join the St. Louis Hitch, which has been part of Teamsters Local 6 for many years.

Anheuser Busch InBev recognized the two coastal hitch teams without an election after local union representatives presented the signed recognition cards of every hitch member. Soon thereafter, the breeding facility presented their recognition cards and—after a successful election – all three groups were being represented by the Teamsters Brewery Conference.

The bargaining team of local union representatives, headed up by Brewery Conference Director David Laughton, began the process of hammering out a labor agreement in the summer of 2015 in St Louis.

On Veterans Day, Local 267 Secretary-Treasurer Howie Dorsher, President Mike Cova; Brewery Conference Director David Laughton and Marcia McGregor of the Northern New England Benefit Trust (NNEBT) met with the West Coast Hitch team to go over the details of the labor agreements, which they ratified immediately and unanimously.

“The contract we negotiated on behalf of the show horse handlers is going to protect them and secure their employment for years to come. I hope it serves to motivate all our members to get involved with Teamster organizing efforts throughout the system,” said Laughton.

Shortly after, we all celebrated in an impromptu reception at a nearby steak house. A cold Budweiser hardly tasted any better.

Although the West Coast Hitch is technically stabled at the Fort Collins brewery, they are on the road throughout the western states making appearances in parades, events and filming commercials, for an average of 320 days a year. Their days are long, often starting well before sun up and running long past sun down, setting up and tearing down portable stables, caring for the horses, equipment and all the while interacting with an excited and curious public.

They are probably the most recognizable ambassadors for the product we make.

Although this organizing success is relatively small in numbers, the symbolism of having all the Clydesdale Hitches and the breeding facility now staffed by Teamsters, together, under one master agreement, which coincides with the master plant agreement covering all 12 Budweiser breweries, is obviously a big deal.

The image of a Teamster, proudly seated at the buck board of a 1903 Studebaker delivery wagon (the last of only three original non-replica delivery wagons and the only one still in use on the road) hauling stacks of iconic Budweiser beer, commanding eight of some of the largest horses in the world with more than 40 pounds of reigns in hand – you know – that’s pretty damn cool!

Looking ahead to 2016 and beyond, there are many organizing opportunities ripening and ready to be explored. But it takes people and effort, which is why Local 267 needs to develop its own organizing team of active and retired members who want to be part of growing the local union membership. If you’re interested, contact the union office.
On December 5, 2015, we held the Second Annual Christmas party to coincide with our annual Food Bank fund raiser. Approximately 170 retired and active members, (including quite a few of our most recently hired members), and their guests enjoyed beverages, a nice buffet dinner and of course shared their experiences inside and outside the brewery.

The Local matched funds from separate individual donations and added a portion of the ticket sales to be able to donate $2,225 to the Food Bank of Larimer County just before Christmas – when the need is the greatest.

It won’t be long before some of our members start planning events for their graduating high school seniors this spring. Local 267 offers three $1000 college scholarships, available to graduating sons and daughters of active, (including weekenders), retired and deceased members. These local scholarships, along with several other Teamster scholarships including the James R Hoffa merit and essay scholarships, Anheuser-Busch/Brewery Conference of Teamsters, etc, are just part of the many benefits of being a Teamster member. Watch the union bulletin boards in the brewery and our web site for details.

Our Local web site is ( If you want to join the nearly 200 LU267 members receiving weekly schedules and occasional updates, contact the union office at 482-2749 for a log-in and password.

Since we have had quite a few retirements and new hires over the last year or so, we older guard tend to forget our newest brothers and sisters may not be aware of how much their livelihoods and working conditions depend on maintaining this strong union. Many will refer to “the union” as something apart from themselves; something they don’t perhaps realize is more than just an office somewhere that holds monthly meetings. Let our newest brother and sister know that they, we, all of us are “The Union.” And the day will come when we must pass the torch to them and they will be the ones entrusted with keeping their union strong.

Along with the many retirements we’ve had over the last few years; the overall number of our DRIVE members has gone down. DRIVE (Democrat Republican Independent Voter Education) is an exclusively Teamster program by which members may have their strictly voluntary donation of as little as just one dollar, deducted from their paycheck and sent directly to the IBT DRIVE department to be used for research (it takes considerable resources to monitor every piece of legislation and program for possible attacks on labor – and then to communicate that to us), and to support candidates from all parties who commit to protecting labor and the working class.

One half of all DRIVE funds from Local 267 are returned to Colorado to be combined with DRIVE funds from the other Colorado Teamster Locals and are used to address labor-related issues and support Labor friendly candidates in our state.

If you’re not already in DRIVE, please consider joining us, especially during this most important election year. If you’re already in DRIVE, please consider increasing your commitment for the same reason.

We wish you all the best this new year. We look forward to seeing you at the next general membership meeting.

Hope everyone had happy holidays!

DENVER — This article is for November and December meetings. Meetings start with the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and a moment of silence for all of our departed Teamster brothers and sisters and for all U.S. military personnel, past, present and future.

The following Teamster deaths had been reported from both meetings. (Note that those that were members of our Association are designated TRA.)

October, 2015 — Fred Crouse;

November, 2015 — Harmen Vandervegt (TRA), Nobel Sysco, Local 435; Richard Fields; John W. Lamb, ICX and CF shops, Local 961); Roger Strain, Santa Fe Trail Transportation, Local 17; Alonzo Long – (TRA member number 600 since 1984); James Stidger, YRC, Local 17; Thomas Momono, YRC, Local 17, and Eugene Swanson, ABF, Local 17.

We had one new member sign up in November, James A. and Elizabeth Nichols, Jr., YRC, Local 17. There were four new members in December: John M. Holzwarth, Safeway, Local 455); Tim Ahern, YRC, Local 17; David S. Stallsworth, Nobel Sysco, Local 435, and Michael A. and Karen Simeone, secretary-treasurer and principal officer of Local 17. Welcome to all new members.

The guests were Jill Inman from Robert F. May Co.; Tony Licata and Noushin Hornbuckle from Kaiser Permanente. Tony spoke about the Internet options available through Kaiser. Noushin spoke on health and led the members in some exercises. He also reminded the members of the availability of the Silver Sneakers program. They brought some cute fruit magnet writing pens for giveaways.

There were 80 members at the November meeting and 84 members at the December meeting.

Drawings were held at each meeting for ten $25 checks and four boxes of doughnuts.

President Loose reminded everyone to keep their Western Conference Pension beneficiaries up to date. All of the executive board members are volunteers. They are Jerry Loose, president; Les Pettera, vice president: Carole Salter, secretary-treasurer; Sharon White, recording secretary; and Larry Monson, Jack Monson and Bernie Cooley, trustees. Jack and Patsy Monson are always at the meetings early to set up and prepare coffee for the meetings. All volunteers are appreciated. And thanks and appreciation goes out to Local 17 and UFCW Local 7 for their ongoing services for the retirees.

The children are back in school. Watch for speed zones and drive carefully in this icy weather.

Be good to each other and remember we are proud Teamsters.