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DENVER – This article is for the September and October Retirees meetings. Meetings are started with the Pledge of . Allegiance to our flag and a n1on1ent of silence for all of our departed Teamster brothers and sisters and for all U.S. Military personnel, past, present and future.

This article covers Teamster brothers and sisters who have passed away in: (Note that those who were members of our association are designated TRA.)
January, 2015 – Renee Malcomb, spouse of Dave. May – Jack Spinks, TRA. Continental Bakery/Wonder Bread (Local 219). August – Joseph Bruce. California employer: Charles Parsons. NW (Local 17). October – Wally Hendrix, TRA. Super Value (Local 435): Martin Haverland. Time DC (Local 17): Jack Sweet, Weicker/ABF (Local 17): Buddy Slauffacher, TRA, Amick Transfer for 45 years (Local 17): Hugh McCormick, TRA, Millers, Super Value (Local 435): Robert Cedillo, TRA. Walt Flanagan, Teamster since 1950 (Local 13) and Don Bucci, Boulder-Denver/lML/Jones Truck Lines. (Locals 17 and 961).

We also make special mention of the passing of Derl D. Forbis on Oclober 8, 2015 at 85 years of age. Derl drove over- the-road for 35 years, hauling meat, produce and cars. Then he left driving for a short period of time to serve as president of Teamsters Local 961. Our condolences go out to the families of these brothers and sisters.

In September there ,vas one new member that signed up Ronald and Antonelle Martinez, Yellow Freight, Local 17. In October we had two new members: Dale and Karen Marotzke, CF. Local 17: and Richard and Debra Brummond. ABF, Local 17. We extend a big welcome to them.

We are sorry to report that we have terminated 25 members for nonpayment of dues.

There were 64 members and seven board members in attendance at our September meeting: and 67 members and seven board members at our October meeting.

We gave away ten $25 checks in the drawings at each meeting and had drawings for the leftover doughnuts at each meeting. Kaiser donated citrus peelers to be given away at the October n1eeting.

Our guests at the October meeting were Jill lnman from Robert F. May Co. and Tony Licata from Kaiser Permanente. Tony spoke briefly on the new 2016 rates for Kaiser and answered questions from the floor.

President Loose reminded everyone to keep their beneficiary up to date. Insurance will only pay out to the person whose name is on the policy.

All of our E.B. members are volunteers. They are Jerry Loose, president; Les Pellera, vice president; Carole Salter, secretary-treasurer; Sharon White, recording secretary and Bernie Cooley. Larry Monson and Jack Monson, trustees. Jack and Patsy Monson volunteer to prepare coffee. doughnuts. etc. before all of our n1eetings. Our thanks to all.

If you are interested in joining our group or have questions, call Carole Salter at our office: 303-433-8184, or join us at our n1eetings the third Friday of every month except three summer months. If you call, the office is not manned full time so be sure to leave a n1essage and your call wiii be returned.

The children are back in school. Watch the speed zones. Be good to each other and remember that we are all proud Teamsters.

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