Colorado: ”Local 267 – for the Holiday Season”

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year … to the E-Board. committee members, shop stewards and all our members and retirees of Local 267 – I hope you all have a chance to celebrate this holiday season with family and friends.

We often take our shop stewards, E-Board officers and committee members for granted, because it usually “seems” things just work out and we may not realize how much time they spend during their breaks, down at the hall and at home, researching, preparing and tending to all the issues that come up throughout the course of a workday. 1’m sure they appreciate it when you give them an occasional nod-of-thanks and express your appreciation for their work.

We added nearly 70 new bargaining unit employees to our rank and file this year alone. Your Teamster brothers and sisters welcome you all and hope to see you at all our Union meetings and events; and if any of you are interested in becoming a shop steward, there are openings in the roster due to the many retirements over the last couple years. This is your chance to get more involved in your Union as some of the “old guard” have begun to enjoy their retirement.

Also, we have a Local web site ( and if you want to join the nearly 200 LU267 members receiving weekly schedules and occasional updates — just contact the Union office at 482-2749 and we’ll get you set up with a log-in and password.

Moving forward for 2016, I’d like to develop an organizing team, consisting of active and retired members, who want to be part of growing the Local’s membership. The organizing opportunities seem to be greater every year, especially in the northern part of the state. If you’re an active or Retired Local 267 member and are interested in forming an organizing team, contact the Union office.

Retirees especially are a natural fit for organizing because they typically serve as examples of what collective bargaining, safe and healthful working conditions and a good retiree benefit package can mean.

Since 2009. Local 267 has awarded $21,000 in scholarships to graduating sons and daughters of its members, including our Weekenders and Retirees. These scholarships. along with several other Teamster scholarships (James R Hoffa Merit and Essay scholarships. Anheuser-Busch/Brewery Conference of Teamsters. etc.) are just part of the many benefits of being a Teamster member. Our local scholarship program has been a funding priority of ours and will continue in 2016. Watch the Union bulletin boards in the brewery and our web site for details.

By the time this article goes to print, I’m hoping we will have received the contract books from the printers. As you know, this process is not a quick one but please understand that each step involves reading, re-reading, proofreading, re-proofreading every page of contract language before it gets all the final signatures. We always try to expedite
this process to the best of our ability. Our goal is to get a contract book into your hands as soon as possible.

A reminder, the hall will be closed the last two weeks of the year, but we will monitor phone messages daily. Continue to watch the bulletin boards for official announcements and, if you would like to join the 200-plus members currently in the local web site at, contact the Union office at 482-2749 and we’ll get you set up.

Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
In solidarity.
Howie Dorsher
Secretary Treasurer

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