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Hansen’s History: ‘Reactionaries’ block minimum wage

Reprinted from the January 1973 Rocky Mountain Teamster Labor leaders leveled bitter attacks at “reactionaries” in Congress and the Nixon Administration after the House of Representatives refused to send its minimum-wage bill to conference with the Senate. The House, through a team up of Republicans and Southern Democrats, voted 196-188 against the motion to let the House’s version of a […]

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Hansen’s History: Teamsters to Negotiate Farm Workers Contracts

Editor’s note: This is another in the ongoing series of historical items reprinted from earlier editions of the Rocky Mountain Teamster. January, 1973 Teamsters union officials pledged the full support of the IBT by General President Fitzsimmons, have decided to re-negotiate a contract with some 170 growers under which about 30,000 farm workers harvest and process crops in various parts […]

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